Board Meeting Notes 2017-02-01

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Board Meeting Minutes
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Meeting Start:


  • Board Members
  • Other Members


  • New business
    • Transition check-in, goals
    • Party Planner Position
    • Cold Metal Authorizer
    • CNC Area Host
    • Scheduling future meetings
    • Member issues
    • Dispute Resolution Committee
  • Old business
    • Followup on printer - board statement
    • Insurance update
    • Ken


Meeting began at 7:45 pm

New Business

Board Goals

  • Financial goals (Brian):
    • We need to keep 400 members for the whole year.
    • To keep a cushion of comfort with the given budget, Treasurer suggests targeting 500 members to make 2018 feel comfortable
    • This requires both recruitment and retention
      • In additional to being physically safe, feeling safe. i.e. people feeling comfortable in the space
    • Increase safety and decrease danger of injury and liability
    • Record what people are told when authorization
      • Document all authorizations: the content of an authorization and standardize procedures
  • Scholarship Program for potential low-income members - Jennie
    • Also connect with JARC (Jane Addams Resource Corporation)
    • Michael Skilton and Kathryn Born are interested. (Eric Funkhouser too?)
    • Could develop a system to donate member points to scholarships
    • Folks from JARC could run events like welding 101 or 102 monthly
  • Ed: Help get the structural documents of the space in order.
    • Bylaws, DRC, Membership Agreement, Harassment Policy
  • Simon: Create non-voting member category
  • Ray:
    • Automate membership profiles, consider an off the shelf system for
    • Integrating membership agreement and liability waiver
    • Keep a record of authorizations
    • Outreach to other spaces - bring people to meetings at SSH and Workshop 88
    • have big parties that fill the space
    • Ray's PR goals are [[1]]
  • Andrew:
    • Increase communication internally and externally
      • Document and track special projects (like all of these goals)
    • Improve onboarding of new members, which includes orientation and new members
  • Carl:
    • Keep the lights on for another year and keep the rest of the board from stressing out
  • Jonathan:
    • Maintain what we have and clean up our systems before adding new features

Old Business