Board Meeting Notes 2021-10-05

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Board Meeting Minutes
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Board Members

David Earl
Joe Mertz
Chris Iacullo

Other Members



1. Discuss & Approve previous board meeting minutes

No objections noted.

2. Member Count & Financials

- Checking: $40,860.40

- Savings: $74,184.28

- Paypal: $6,857.97 USD

- PEX: $13,814.71

3. Mail Check

4. Votes

Membership Votes

- No votes this week.

Board Votes

- No votes this week.

5. Officer & Team Lead Updates


  • Rodded drain in utility room: fixed.
  • Removed old air compressor from utility room; ready for asset disposal process.
  • Received new air compressor on 10/5/2021.
  • Larry M to install new light at the back of the utility room.
  • A/C in cold metals continues to leak; will try to re-level.


  • Resolved WF2WA sync issue.


- Application from David Farmilant for team lead position.


- Kevin V. wants information for filming by October 22 per conversation with David.

6. Updates from outside board meetings

- None currently.

7. Discussion Topics (new & existing)

--> Collaboration with Greenfields Academy email

  • Will send email back with offer to come to the space and discuss further.

--> Onboard Madison B as 2D Area Host

  • Occurs on 9/28/2021

--> Area Host Reviews: Shellie scheduled for Thursday, Sept 23

--> Nathan will set up meeting with Donzell and Moonie for D&I Initiative --> Will email treasury team about the taxes email received from the landlord. --> Ron can reallocate $200 from his budget toward a press purchase. --> Will speak with Paul Ocampo about interim secretary position.