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{{Board Meeting Notes | Previous MM-DD-YYYY=01-26-2010 | Current YY-MM-DD=02-02-2010 | Next MM-DD-YYYY=03-02-2010 }}
* Sacha
* Sarah
* Jeff
* Jordan
* Ryan
* Anne
* Tim
* Jim
* Nicole
* Hank
* Nathan
===Come to Order - 7:12 PM===
* Discuss To-Do lists for 2010
** Moving to permanent loc.
** 501c3
** Monthly Meetings (done!)
** PS:One Store
** Logo licensing
** Child's play charity
** Data retention policy (next mtg)
** Crap Policy
** Diverse membership recruiting
** Programs for under 18 (hexbug maze)
** Cleaning schedule/program
** Get involved in other peoples' events
** Outreach/Explain to the public who we are
*Makerfaire Detriooooot July 31st-Aug 1st
** PPWRS presence
** Booth
** Hackerspace village? Jordan to talk to Mitch
*Tool Acquisition (Tim)
** What else do we want, and do we have space for it?
** What can we integrate into it, and use it for?
*Membership Recruiting
** More diverse / female membership
** How do we make it a more welcoming&comfortable environment?
** Classes and advertising
** Fabric light bright class and advertise at craft stores (ask Eli)
** Ladies night. Has to be by women, for women (Nicole)
** Cleanliness and presentation of the space
*Discuss licensing for PS1 content (CC 3.0 by-nc-sa)
** Creative Commons: Attribution, Non-Commercial, Share-Alike
** Creator must make note of any content with stricter license
** PS:One now owns PPPWS logo and PSO logo copyright with cc-by-nc-sa license
*Bylaws bug-hunt (Sacha)
** Change bylaws to reflect how we are actually operating
*PS:One T-Shirt contest
*PS1 Store
** Is set up with no content yet.
** Need to sell our own stuff.
** Formal agreement between hackerspaces
** Different relationship with closer spaces
===Meeting Adjourned - 8:00===

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