CNC 3020 Router

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CNC 3020 Router
Owner/Loaner ?
Serial Number ?
Make/Model ?
Arrival Date ?
Usability yes
Contact Elizabeth
Where CNC table in the shop
Authorization Needed yes
Hackable no
Estimated Value ?
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CNC 3020 Router ? Area: {{{hostarea}}}


Training Checklist

  • Review Safety
    • Equipment
      • Safety glasses should be worn by anyone within about a 1 meter radius
      • Hearing Protection is optional but recommended
      • Mask should be worn when cutting dusty materials (MDF, Composites)
      • Vacuum. Hold a vacuum right up to the cutting area when using dusty or dangerous things (fiberglass, composities, MDF)
      • Bits are razor sharp so be careful handling or installing them. Most of the injuries I see are when the machine is off. #1 is bumping you hand into the bit in the spindle when setting up your work.
  • What Can Go Wrong
    • Piece of material stuck on bit. If a piece of material breaks loose and gets caught on the bit turn off the machine and get away. The bit could snap and the material plus sharp bit could fly off.
    • Bit can break
    • Crash into clamps - damage spindle
    • Overheating Material - Smoldering embers can start a fire. Some super cheap plywoods and strand board have glues that cause this to happen
  • Learn about Machine
    • Power On
    • Turning on Spindle
    • E-Stop (does not work right)
    • Sacrificial Surface - allows you to cut things out without damaging the bed.
    • Clamping
  • Learn about Mach3 Machine control
    • Resetting
    • Jogging
    • Zeroing
  • Notes on Bits (tools, end mills, etc)
    • In General - low flute couts (1 or 2)
    • Woods
    • Straight flutes are preferred
    • Plastics
    • Spiral upcut - Large "O" flutes if possible

  • Learn about CAM (Aspire)
    • Profiles
      • Material Tabs (keep work attached)
    • Pockets
    • Drilling
    • Feeds and Speeds
  • Transfer GCode to Mach3
    • View toolpath
    • Regen Toolpath (after jogging)
    • Checking clamps
    • Feedrate offset
  • Running Job
    • Make sure spindle is on.
    • Start
    • Pause (Controlled stop that could move a few inches before stopping)
    • E-Stop - Can destroy your project because there is no controlled deceleration
    • Listen to the machine and adjust feedrate.

Certified Users

qualified member trained by
Bart Himself as he got it working
Ryan Pierce Bart Dring
Ron Bean Bart Dring
Josh Cooper Bart Dring
Arturo Duarte Bart Dring
Elizabeth Koprucki Bart Dring