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|owner = PS:One
|owner = PS:One
|certification = YES
|certification = Yes
|hackable = NO
|hackable = NO
|model = N/A
|model = N/A

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Cast Iron Skillet
Owner/Loaner PS:One
Serial Number N/A
Make/Model N/A
Arrival Date DATE
Usability WORKING
Contact Tim Saylor
Authorization Needed Yes
Hackable NO
Estimated Value DOLLARS
Host Area {{{hostarea}}}

Cast Iron Skillet Area: {{{hostarea}}} https://wiki.pumpingstationone.org/Cast_Iron_Skillet

This tool requires certification for use.

List of Currently Certified Users

Qualified Member Trained By
Tim Saylor $
Rhys Rhaven Tim Saylor
Brittany Zimmerman Rhys Rhaven