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* Contact: [[Elizabeth "Liz" Koprucki]]
* Contact: Elizabeth "Liz" Koprucki
** email: cahira_mirrored at yahoo.com
** email: cahira_mirrored at yahoo.com

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There are currently six official hosted areas at PS:One. Each has an Area Host you can contact for information for projects, equipment training and suggesting improvements to the space.

Electronics/Mechatronics Lab

  • Contact: Anna Yu
    • email: annotatehere at gmail.com

Graphic Arts and Textiles

  • Contact: Shellie Lewis
    • email: artg33k74 at gmail.com


  • Contact: Adrianna McKinley
    • email: adriannamckinley at gmail.com


  • Contact: Mike Warot
    • email: chezmike at gmail.com


  • Contact: Elizabeth "Liz" Koprucki
    • email: cahira_mirrored at yahoo.com

General Area

  • Contact: Geoffrey Topham
    • email: geoffrey.topham at gmail.com


  • Contact: James Kindnet
    • email: james {at} kindnet [---DOT---] com


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