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There are currently nine official hosted areas at PS:One. Each has an Area Host you can contact for information for projects, equipment training and suggesting improvements to the space.

See Area Hosts and Volunteer Positions Policy for more information on Area Hosts.

See Volunteer Positions for a list of other Volunteer Positions.


  • Contact: Andrew Camardella
    • email: camardea at

Electronics/Mechatronics Lab

  • Contact: Anna Yu
    • email: annotatehere at

General Area

  • Contact: Erik Wessing
    • email: wessing at

Graphic Arts and Textiles

  • Contact: Shellie Lewis
    • email: artg33k74 at

Hot Metals Shop

  • Contact: Ron Olson
    • email: tachoknight at



  • Contact: Dean Anderson
    • email: dba5950 at


  • Contact: Matt Triano
    • email: matt.triano at

Tool Cage

  • Contact: Shae Kurko
    • email: at sorrowsheart6 at

Resources for Area Hosts

Purchasing Standards


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