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[[Category:Hosted Areas]]
[[Category:Hosted Areas]]
[[Category:Member Manual]]
[[Category:Member Manual]]

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The Kitchen is one of the areas that has an area host here at PS:One. The current Area Host is Gerald Gayares. The kitchen aka:Pumping Station: Yum was built out of necessity to have a place to cook and started out by having a hot plate, a broken microwave and a broken refrigerator at a corner of the workshop. Additionally we built a place to ferment beer in the SW corner of the kitchen that can hold up to 12Kegs and thus was born Beer Church. The kitchen is enclosed by steel stud partition walls on the North and East sides and structural CMU walls on the South and West.

Kitchen June 38, 2014.jpeg
Hosted Since: June 16, 2014
Location: 1st Floor Between Lounge and Shop area
Equipment: Category:Kitchen Equipment
Area Host Contact Details
Name: Gerald Gayares
Email: sh4d0whawk at gmaildotcom
Other Contact: N/A
Office Hours: See google calendar
Certifications: By request during office hrs or by appointment

Area Rules

  1. Clean up after yourself, if you see others not doing so please politely ask them to.
  2. Cook Things, a small supply of snacks is there for members of PS1 and their friends, suggested donation is $1
  3. Follow the fridge regulations
  4. Fridge Regulations

    Click HERE to view the google doc version of the rules.


    How to store: Make sure you properly store your items, we have resealable bags in the drawers, we have some containers as well.

    Meats and produce. If you are going to store any kind of meat or produce for a long period of time we highly recommend putting it in freezer side.

    Label whatever you put in the fridge, below is some info that is useful:

      Your name/ Who can we contact contact
      What it’' is / No matter how obvious
      Date/ Your items will be thrown out after a week of the expiration date or if there is no expiration 
            date it will be thrown out exactly one week after it was put there.


    Drinks that perish and smell bad will be tossed out. Storing beer is ok just as long as it doesn't take up too much space for a long time.

    If you would like to share fridge food with the space label the name as PS:One



    Seed Starting Station

    Seed Starting Station

    Always label your plants! Name/Plant type/ Date For more information click the link above!

    Tools Available

    Click on an image to view more about the tool.

    Using the tools

    If it belongs to PS:One, please be nice to the tools. If they belong to a member who is awesome enough to loan us their personal gear, make sure you treat it extra nice.