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Owner/Loaner Beer Church
Serial Number N/A
Make/Model N/A
Arrival Date since the dawn of time itself
Usability yes
Contact Eric Stein
Where Kitchen
Authorization Needed yes
Hackable YES
Estimated Value $100
Host Area {{{hostarea}}}

Chillmon Beer Church Area: {{{hostarea}}}

The current whereabouts of the chillmon is unknown. Missing.

Chillmon is our Raspberry Pi powered system for maintaining the proper temperature in the Beer Church fermentation chamber. It interfaces to IRC, like so:

   <+Toba> !temp
   < chillmon> temperatures: beertop: 67.9 F, beer: 68.5 F, room: 64.4 F   


There's a web interface running on Bellamy that shows the PID controller state history.

  • You can get a stream of JSON objects over ZeroMQ that might interest you from tcp:// if you know how to do that.
  • Chillmon's irc interface should be workin' right now.


AC Unit

Wiring: green ground, white common, red fan, thicker red AC chiller.


  • Mac: b8:27:eb:fd:d5:a4
  • IP (maybe):
  • Username: pi

To find the IP if that IP isn't working, use:

   eastein@bowmore ~ :) $ sudo arp-scan -R --interface wlan0 --localnet | grep -i b8:27:eb:fd:d5:a4
   [sudo] password for eastein:	b8:27:eb:fd:d5:a4	(Unknown)

If you don't use linux, I'm sorry that you are trying to do useful things with your computer, but I can't help you.

The screen session containing the chillmon process starts up at reboot on the Pi using vixie cron's @reboot in the pi user's user-crontab.