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The air system at the new shop has been.. for the most part, inherited. What we got was nice, which was a full shop air system using metal pipes. Sadly, we don't know much about it's history. All of the quick-disconnect fittings are of indeterminate age, and since we came from a space without shop air, we're at a shortage of tools to use the compressed air.

We need some hoses, some fresh QD fittings, and a small pile of adapters, and minor accessories to make the shop air a daily use thing, instead of a "well it means the laser cutter doesn't need a little compressor" thing.

2014-06-03 - Proposed

2014-06-10 - To be voted on

2014-06-10 - Failed to meet quorum. Editing and re-proposing.


The desire is to provide suitable air to air tools and air driven devices around the space. We'd like to add "T" fittings and ball valves to each drop. This will provide a small water trap at each air line location. We'd also like to purchase two desiccant air dryers. One to be kept in hot metals, the other to be portable, for paint, and more sensitive air source usage. We'd also like to get an inline oiler, so air tools will have a longer life.

Item Links
Some Number of Hoses
Air Tool Accessories $6
Presta valve adapter. (a few) $10
Regulator for bike stuff. $15
Air dryer and regulator for painting. $40
Retractable air hoses, for quick cleaning, filling of bike tires, etc: Campbell Hausfeld 50 ft. x 3/8 in. PVC Retractable Hose Reel with Hose $90
Air fittings, quickconnects and gender changers: Campbell Hausfeld 7-Piece Air Tool Accessory Kit $9 * 4
Air tool accessory kits: Campbell Hausfeld 25-Pieces Accessory Kit with Case Inclues blowguns, a few fittings and two QDs. $26 * 2
Air hose: Campbell Hausfeld 50 ft. x 3/8 in. Maxus Rubber Air Hose $26
Coiled air hose: SnapBack 1/4 in. x 25 ft. Polyurethane ReCoil Red Air Hose $15
Air Chuck: Campbell Hausfeld Tire Inflator with Gauge $16
Automatic Air Compressor Drain Valve $10

Note that the links above are intended to provide price reference, and are not intended to indicate a purchase location.


The purpose of this vote is to provide funds to a trusted Representative of PS:1 to go and purchase air system related items. $550 is the proposed amount, to cover the items in the above list, or their equivalents, and their shipping costs. Installation will be handled by the members of PS:1. Any remaining funds will be returned to PS:1.


Authorize the board to spend $550 on compressed air equipment and directly related costs. All receipts are to be attached below. Authorization expires 90 days after vote.