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1.Masks are required at all times in the space.

2. Do NOT enter PS1 if you feel sick, have been in contact with anyone who has COVID in the last 14 days or have recently flown on a plane.

3.There is a signup sheet with time slots for each area here:]. Everyone must use the sign up sheet.

4. Absolutely no congregating, events, parties, or meetings in the space. Member meetings, game night and similar events will be held via teleconference just as they were during phase 2.

5. Practice social distancing and maintain at least six feet of separation whenever possible.

6.Observe posted signs regarding the maximum number of people in a given area at one time.

7. Keep the lights and fans on to minimize touching of the same surfaces as much as possible.

8. No eating or cooking food in PS1. The kitchen is closed for cooking and preparing food and drink until further notice. However, you can use the refrigerator to store food and drink that you plan on consuming outside of PS1.

9.Clean and disinfect surfaces, bathrooms, Personal Protective Equipment, tools and your hands before and after use by thoroughly spraying everything with the provided 70% alcohol or use additional personal gloves (e.g. when working with the sand blaster) to avoid touching surfaces.

10. Wash your hands upon entering the space and frequently while using the space. Wash thoroughly with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, then rinse and dry.

11. If you begin coughing and sneezing– cough into your elbow even while wearing a mask. Always clean nearby surfaces and your hands after such episodes. If you have more than one episode of coughing, please leave PS1.

Should you notice people walking around without face masks or not following other rules - please ask them politely and directly to correct that behavior. If that does not work, then find another member to corroborate the situation, and report it to the DRC. (

The Board has created a private, secure method for members to report a positive COVID-19 test. Please use ( to self-report a a COVID-19 positive status. We will use your report to alert others about possible contact. We will not mention anyone by name. You may also request a waiver of your membership dues as you self isolate.


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