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To submit a vote fill out the following template with pertinent information and follow voting rules as listed in Bylaws#Votes_of_the_Membership


  • Donzell Gordon


  • Announced: Once a vote is announced the membership can scrutinize and comment on the vote. Take comments into consideration. Announce the vote a week prior to locking down the language.
  • Language locked: After some time that the vote has been announced, on or before the Thursday prior to the Tuesday the vote will occur, submit the vote to secretary at The vote language will not be allowed to change until the vote is proposed again.
  • Voted on: This is the date the vote occurs. Not entered as part of the vote proposal: the Secretary or others fill this in after the vote is conducted.


  • Include any pertinent information required for a voting members to fully understand the vote language here.


  • This is the official action language of the vote. It's the only part of the vote that the membership is agreeing to. It must be written in the form of a statement that can be responded to with a yes or no.
  • Write the language of any policy you'd like to see implemented.
  • Write the amount of money this vote allocates towards a particular action.
  • Write the duration of the action (if applicable) such as how long money will be made available for a specific purpose.


Quorum: The number of votes required to have a valid vote as determined by the bylaws in place on the day of the vote. If the vote doesn't meet quorum it can be proposed again, and can be voted on the following week (consider campaigning for your particular vote.) Present: This is the total number of members that voted (physically present or by proxy) and includes those that abstained from voting.

For: This is the number of members that vote but that agree with the vote language. Against: This is the number of members that vote but that disagree with the vote language. Abstain: This is the number of members that were present but that did not vote on the proposal, or marked "Abstain" on their proxy.


Add categories for the votes page and the year the vote occurs. Edit this page to see the formatting for category tags.