Dell PS 38S Server Rack

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Dell PS 38S Server Rack
Owner/Loaner PS:One
Serial Number 1267636
Make/Model Dell PS 38S Server Rack
Arrival Date November 2009
Usability yes
Contact CTO
Where Catwalk
Authorization Needed yes
Hackable no
Estimated Value $50
Host Area {{{hostarea}}}

Dell PS 38S Server Rack Area: {{{hostarea}}}

Physical Specifications

Interior width: 19" (standard rackmount) Interior depth: 29" 42u (1.75" standard rackmount)


Position Contents Hostname Current Approximate Power Consumption Notes
42 KVM 0.5A/10W
34-front bailingwire  ?? Backups
34-rear Motorola SURFboard SB6120 0.75A/9W (labeled) Comcast modem.
33-31 Dell C6105 cloud1, cloud2, cloud3  ?? Proxmox Hypervisor
30 Dell PowerEdge 1950 vm01 2 PSU - 1.18A/138W each
1 PSU - 2.27A/331W (measured)
Powered off
29 Dell PowerEdge 1950 vm05 2 PSU - 1.18A/138W each
1 PSU - 2.59A/311W(measured)
Proxmox Hypervisor
28 Dell PowerEdge 1950 2 PSU - 0.13A/9.2W each [POWERED OFF]
1 PSU - 0.18A/16Watt [POWERED OFF]
Intentionally Powered Off
27 Dell PowerEdge 1950 0A/0W Intentionally Powered Off (unplugged)
26 Cisco 2801 - - Powered off
25-22 Equalogic SAN 2 PSU - 1.96A/203W each
1 PSU - 3.60A/427W
4 TB SAN (decommissioned)
21 Thinklogical scs160 serial console ~8 Watts
14-11 HP Procurve 5406zl(J8697A) 2 PSU - 1.49A/174W each
1 PSU - 2.88A/340W
Large switch with PoE
7-5 Tripplite LCR2400 power conditioner N/A N/A -
2-1 APC UPS 1500 Still okay, not very utilized.

Install request

If you would like to install equipment in the rack, please submit the following request to This information is required to ensure that our infrastructure is meeting the needs of our members, as well as ensuring continued stability of our existing infrastructure.

Rack units:
Equipment Label:
Contact Name:
Contact Email: 

Additional helpful information:

Power requirements:

Network ports/speed required: 

Will the equipment be installed semi-permanently, or for a fixed length of time?  What approximate length of time, if not semi-permanent? 

Do you require assistance either in racking or configuring the equipment?

Do you require IP allocations (dynamically assigned static addresses)?
If so, provide hostnames and MAC addresses

Will the machine require web-facing access, port forwarding through NAT, a reverse proxy vhost on, a * subdomain, or a * SSL certificate?

Any additional information?