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(List of Currently Certified Users)
(List of Currently Certified Users)
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|Eric Beauchamp
|Eric Beauchamp
|Donald Wells
|Andy Larkin
[[Category:Shop Equipment]]
[[Category:Shop Equipment]]

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Dewalt 13 inch planer
DeWalt planer.jpg
Owner/Loaner Dillon Grey
Serial Number NA
Make/Model DW735
Usability no
Contact Dillon Grey
Where Woodshop
Authorization Needed yes
Hackable NO
Estimated Value $700.00
Host Area {{{hostarea}}}

Dewalt 13 inch planer Dillon Grey Area: {{{hostarea}}} https://wiki.pumpingstationone.org/Dewalt_13_inch_planer

This machine has been taken out of service and replaced by the Laguna 16" planer. Please attend wood shop office hours (check the calendar) or contact a proctor to be authorized to use the new machine.


  1. Always check your wood for nails or staples. Something as small as the staple at the end of a 1x1 can ruin the blades. If you're not sure, check the entire piece with the metal detector sitting on the table saw.
  2. Always measure the thickness of your work and set the initial and working blade height to remove only small amounts of material per pass. You will damage the blades if you manage to dig the machine out on your work. If it sounds weird, You're Not Doing It Right and you need to ask for help.
  3. If the blades are dull or damaged, contact the area host immediately. Don't be a dick and let others ruin their work because you didn't say anything.
  4. If you break something, or damage the tool, contact the area host immediately. Don't let others do more damage or hurt themselves by using a broken tool.
  5. Always make sure that the dust collection bag isn't too full and is passing air freely.
  6. Always vacuum the machine, cutting area, and the table around the machine when you are done.


  • 32nds work well. Don't be in a hurry. It is better to make more than fewer passes: you will avoid damaging the blades and your work.
  • Make certain to turn on the Jet dust collector or you'll burn the motor out and take the machine out of service for several weeks.
    • Chips on the platen will cause your work to raise on one end or side, or wobble, which will result in the blades removing inconsistent amounts of material. It helps to have the Shop vac nearby and use the crevice attachment to keep the platen clear.

This tool requires authorizationfor use.

Authorized Proctors

This tool requires authorization for use by an authorized proctor. Please contact one of the following to arrange authorization.

Proctor Contact
Eric Beauchamp — area host eric @ home-chicago.com
Ralph Brendler
Paul VanLake
Michelle DeLeon

List of Currently Certified Users

Qualified member Trained by Date Certified
Dillon Grey Owner
Tim Saylor Dillon Grey
Tucker Tomlinson Dillon Grey
Michael Reddy Tim Saylor
Matt Triano Tim Saylor
Derek Bever Tim Saylor
Dan Willmott Tim Saylor
Tyler DeAngelo Tim Saylor
Madeleine Klichowski Tim Saylor
Lyn Cole Tim Saylor
Nathan Becka Tim Saylor
Brian Carstensen Tim Saylor
Eric Veggeberg Tim Saylor
Janet Dornhoff Matt Triano
Hilary Lee Matt Triano
Will Rante Matt Triano
Henry Behel Matt Triano
Alan Livshin Matt Triano
Michelle Garcia Matt Triano
Daylan Dufelmeier Matt Triano
Michael Maloney Matt Triano
Ian Cochran Matt Triano
Justin Miles Dillon Grey
Ron Olson Matt Triano
Jason Shanfield Matt Triano
Sean Corbett Matt Triano
Aaron Feigen Matt Triano
Bo Driscoll Matt Triano
Joel Shepherd Matt Triano
Michael Skilton Matt Triano
Santina Croniser Matt Triano
Todd Allen Matt Triano
Lawrence MacDevitt Matt Triano
Ryan Kelly Matt Triano
Melody Stanley Matt Triano
Tom Ackenhausen Matt Triano
Geoffrey Topham Matt Triano
John Godwim Matt Triano
Nate Hutchins Matt Triano
Jeff Molek Matt Triano
Trey Keifer Matt Triano
Juan Robles Matt Triano
Simon Cygielski Matt Triano
Tom Forajter Matt Triano
Robert Grossman Matt Triano
Lucas Morris Matt Triano
Sergio Preston Matt Triano
Bryan Gleason Matt Triano
Ron Bean Matt Triano
Greg Eagel Matt Triano
Carter Constana Matt Triano
Adam Glick Matt Triano
Zachary Fietsch Matt Triano
Solomon Hursey Matt Triano
Jesse Reynolds Matt Triano
Eduard Shlahtichman Matt Triano
Skittles Rainbow Matt Triano
Tom Jurgensen Matt Triano
Barmey Ung Matt Triano
Casey Olson Matt Triano
Jonathan Bisson Matt Triano
Ed Bennett Matt Triano
Anna Yu Matt Triano
Bandit Gangwere Matt Triano
Joseph Nudell Matt Triano
David Butler Matt Triano
Kathryn Smiley Matt Triano
Aimee Spevak Matt Triano
Cassie Webster Matt Triano
Chris Moylan Matt Triano
Mike O'Connor Matt Triano
Tyler Hsu Matt Triano
Dan Thomson Jason Shanfield
Brandon Price Matt Triano
Arturo Duarte Matt Triano
Eric Braun Matt Triano
Jeremy Fay Matt Triano
Leeswann Bolden Matt Triano
James Porter Matt Triano
Jeff McBride Matt Triano
Connor Miller Matt Triano
Ashley Duca Matt Triano
Karen Niemczyk Matt Triano
Bassam Alshammari Matt Triano
John Fiene Matt Triano
Thomas Wright Matt Triano
Joseph Peltier Matt Triano
Justin Conroy Matt Triano
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Sevin Straus Matt Triano
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Steve Ioannou Matt Triano
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Dan Baltudis Ron Olson
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Dubi Kaufmann Ron Olson
Patrick Grider Ron Olson
Tyler Matthew Matt Triano
Shae Kurko Matt Triano
John Farmer Ron Olson
Sam Paris Matt Triano
Chris Kleehammer Jason Shanfield
Trey Elliott Jason Shanfield
Nik Brink Jason Shanfield
Eric Yu Ron Olson
Frances Ritchie Ron Olson
Erin Hochstatter Ron Olson
Ben Kern Ron Olson
Karol Slowikowski Ron Olson
Chris Smith Ron Olson
Benjamin Miller Ron Olson
Jennie P Ron Olson
Bradley Topol Matt Triano
Eugene Liokumovich Ron Olson
Laurel Garrett Matt Triano
Rei Kevin Matt Triano
Aji Slater Matt Triano
John Beyer Matt Triano
Benjamin Dambman Matt Triano
Tomas Ward Ron Olson 4/26/2015
Les Schier Jason Shanfield 5/2/15
Mike Jones Matt Triano
Hunter Koerner Eric Beauchamp 6/4/15
Kurt Ziegel Eric Beauchamp 6/4/15
Simon Pyle Eric Beauchamp 6/4/15
Andy Richardson Matt Triano 4/14/15
Connor Jansen Eric Beauchamp 6/4/15
Ryan Neuman Ron Olson
Erik Wessing Eric Beauchamp
Ananda Stevens Eric Beauchamp 7/18/15
Mark Stevens Eric Beauchamp 7/18/15
Anthony Phelps Eric Beauchamp 8/27/2015
Ralph Brendler Eric Beauchamp 8/27/2015
Kyle Bieneman Eric Beauchamp 8/27/2015
Jim Baker Eric Beauchamp 8/27/2015
Craig Koszewski Eric Beauchamp 1/28/16
Donald Wells Andy Larkin 8/4/16