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(List of Currently Certified Users)
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| Tim Saylor
| Tim Saylor
| Janet Dornhoff
|Janet Dornhoff
| Matt Triano
|Matt Triano
|Hilary Lee
|Matt Triano
|Will Rante
|Matt Triano
|Henry Behel
|Matt Triano

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Dewalt Miter saw
Owner/Loaner PS:One
Serial Number {{{serial}}}
Make/Model Dewalt DW705
Arrival Date April 2013
Usability Working
Contact Michael Skilton
Where Wood shop
Authorization Needed yes
Hackable no
Estimated Value $200
Host Area {{{hostarea}}}

Dewalt Miter saw Area: {{{hostarea}}} https://wiki.pumpingstationone.org/Dewalt_Miter_saw


For miter, bevel or combination cuts in wood only.


Amps 15.0 amps, No Load Speed 4,000 rpm, Blade Diameter 12 ", Arbor Size 5/8 or 1 ", 90 Degree Cross Cut Capacity (Max. Height/Resulting Width) 3-7/8 / 4-1/8 ", 90 Degree Cross Cut Capacity (Max. Width/Resulting Height) 3-7/8 / 5-7/8 ", 45 Miter Cut Capacity (Max. Height/Resulting Width) 3-7/8 / 4-1/8 ", 45 Miter Cut Capacity (Max. Width/Resulting Height) 5-1/2 / 2-1/2 ", Left 45 Degree Bevel Capacity (Max. Height/Resulting Width) 2-3/4 / 5-7/8 ", Left 45 Degree Bevel Capacity (Max. Width/Resulting Height) 7-7/8 / 1-3/4 ", Tool Weight 40.0 lbs


Crown molding stops
Blade wrench, in a slot in the base.


This is by no means all possible safety instructions, just a few that might not have been covered at certification.
Unplug before changing the blade, there is a shaft lock button to assist.
For cutting wood only, inspect your piece for metal, nails,broken screws staples etc.
Move the movable portion of the fence before adjusting for a bevel cut.
Hold or clamp your work securely, use particular caution when cutting round or odd shaped pieces.
Do not cut if someone is behind the saw, pieces of wood can be thrown at high velocity.
This is most common with small cutoffs and when lifting the blade from the cut before it has stopped.

List of Currently Certified Users

As this is essentially the same as the other miter saw I transferred, with host permission, the certification list.
Feel free to recertify if you like.

qualified member trained by
Nathan Witt Danger Committee
Jeff Kantarek Danger Committee
David Mole Danger Committee
Sacha De'Angeli Jeff Kantarek
Joseph Fallon Nathan Witt
Tom Ketola Nathan Witt
Geoffrey Topham Nathan Witt
Shawn Blaszak Nathan Witt
James Burke Nathan Witt
Ryan Lanham Nathan Witt
Anne Petersen Nathan Witt
Josh Kruger Nathan Witt
Cory Knapp Jeff Kantarek
Jordan Bunker Nathan Witt
Constantin Gavrilescu Nathan Witt
Alek Shnajden Nathan Witt
John Dorfman Nathan Witt
Morgan Robertson Nathan Witt
Dan Locks Tim Saylor
Patrick Callahan Dan Locks
Matt Braun Shawn Blaszak
Bryce Lanham Geoffrey Topham
Joshua Rothhaus Shawn Blaszak
Jay Hopkins Shawn Blaszak
Chris Fanning Shawn Blaszak
Adrianna McKinley Danger Committee ?
Mike Warot Adrianna McKinley
Malerie Kaplan Tim Saylor
Ryan Pierce Internship
Kathy Whisler Jordan Bunker
Michael Skilton Tim Saylor
Michael Reddy Tim Saylor
Matt Triano Tim Saylor
Derek Bever Tim Saylor
Dan Willmott Tim Saylor
Tyler DeAngelo Tim Saylor
Madeleine Klichowski Tim Saylor
Lyn Cole Tim Saylor
Nathan Becka Tim Saylor
Brian Carstensen Tim Saylor
Eric Veggeberg Tim Saylor
Janet Dornhoff Matt Triano
Hilary Lee Matt Triano
Will Rante Matt Triano
Henry Behel Matt Triano