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(About the DRC)
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* Alex Berkowitz
* Alex Berkowitz
* Max Rashes (until 3/15/20, then Paul O)
* Paul Ocampo
* David Earl
* David Earl
* Tim Kaye
* Tim Kaye

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About the DRC

The DRC is a standing committee convened by the Board of Directors responsible for reviewing disputes, disciplinary matters, and potential violations of the membership agreement. The purpose of the DRC is to assist in the resolution of disputes between members, guests, and/or the organization.

All operational information about the DRC is contained in the most recent version of the governance document.

The DRC currently consists of five members:

  • Alex Berkowitz
  • Paul Ocampo
  • David Earl
  • Tim Kaye
  • Tatjana Paunesku

Submit an Issue

Issues may be submitted to the DRC using this form. If you suspect criminal activity has occurred, please alert the relevant authorities.

Contact the DRC

The DRC may be contacted directly at drc [at] pumpingstationone [dot] org. All issues should be submitted via the submission form above.