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| serial = 58-333  
| serial = 58-333  
| arrived = 2012  
| arrived = 2012  
| doesitwork = WORKING
| doesitwork = yes
| contact = Adrianna McKinley  
| contact = Adrianna McKinley  
| where = Machine Shop  
| where = Machine Shop  

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DoAll Drill Press
Owner/Loaner Dillon Gray
Serial Number 58-333
Make/Model 58-51
Arrival Date 2012
Usability yes
Contact Adrianna McKinley
Where Machine Shop
Authorization Needed yes
Hackable no
Estimated Value $800
Host Area {{{hostarea}}}

DoAll Drill Press Dillon Gray Area: {{{hostarea}}} https://wiki.pumpingstationone.org/DoAll_Drill_Press

List of Currently Certified Users


Jay Hopkins reports as of 1/14/2013 that there is wobble in the spindle and it does not drill entirely vertically. Mike Warot and Ed Bennett verified it. It walked sideways.

Qualified Member Trained By
Dillon Gray Dillon Gray
Eric Stein Steven Finkelman
Ryan Pierce Mike Warot
Larry Thorpe Mike Warot
Tucker Tomlinson Steve Finkelman
Charlie Stauffer Tucker Tomlinson
Michael Skilton Tucker Tomlinson
Dee Newcum Tucker Tomlinson
David Fell Tucker Tomlinson
Everett Wilson Michael Skilton
Rhett Rozga Dillon Gray