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|value = $1,200
|value = $1,200
|image = Bar.jpg
|image = Bar.jpg
|hostarea = GeneralArea}}
|hostarea = General Area}}
== Rules ==
== Rules ==

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Drinking Station: One
Owner/Loaner PS:One
Serial Number N/A
Make/Model N/A
Arrival Date 9/2012
Usability yes
Contact Ryan Pierce
Where Lounge
Authorization Needed yes
Hackable no
Estimated Value $1,200
Host Area General Area

Drinking Station: One Area: General Area https://wiki.pumpingstationone.org/Drinking_Station:_One


  1. If you aren't certified, don't even open the fridge.
  2. Don't drink all the beer, that's rude. If you're looking to get hammered go buy a 30rack of PBR.
  3. Don't drink the beer if you aren't 21 or older. Just.. come on. Don't.
  4. If beer is on tap, you don't have to be certified to help yourself. Pull forward for beer, push to add head. Please pour water in the drip tray when you're done and empty the bucket under the bar (and very importantly, put it back after).

Further rules later, this is just a start at writing things down about the bar.

How To Clean Taps

TBD upload photos and put them on here, step by step instructions.

Cleaning History

Incomplete. Should probably be more complete.

When Who What
2013-02-24 Eric & James Cleaned tap 1 fully and put Beer 2013.02 on tap 1. Tap 2 is soaking the line in PBW water, since it had yeast caked all of it. Don't use it.
2013-03-06 Eric Took Beer 2013.02 off tap 1 and flushed tap 1 with sanitizer water repeatedly - left sanitizer in line. Tap 2 is soaking the line in PBW water, since it had yeast caked all of it. Tap 1 is good to go, Tap 2 needs more cleaning.
2013-03-24 Eric Took Beer 2013.03 off tap 1 and flushed tap 1 with sanitizer water repeatedly - left sanitizer in line. Tap 2 is soaking the line in PBW water, since it had yeast caked all of it. Tap 1 is good to go, Tap 2 needs more cleaning.
2013-06-04 Matt Triano, Tucker Tomlinson Filled both lines with PBW.
2013-08-30 Ryan Pierce Reconnected tap lines after disassembly. Flushed lines repeatedly with PBW.
2014-08-01 (Approx) Ryan Pierce, Justin Conroy Cleaned it out again but only with iodine water. Didn't soak pbw.
2014-09-18 (Approx) Eric Stein, Justin Conroy Ran pbw into the lines. Line 2 was really gross (left) and it flushed a lot of crap out into the bucket. Gonna soak it until Saturdayish and then flush it out with starsan. Took the valves off the keg ends of the lines and took them apart and soaked them in PBW too. Turns out, you can take apart line connectors for corny keg valves. We really should do that more often, it gets gross in there.
2014-11-16 Justin Conroy Defrosted fridge
2014-12-10 Justin Conroy Replaced broken o-ring on faucet number 3 (the one on the right). Two beers are finally on tap with the new kegerator!

Use with Sankey kegs

The Kegerator system can be used with Sankey kegs. These are the kegs that commercial breweries use. The capacity is two 1/2 barrel (15.5 gallons each) kegs. Note that this has only been tested with Kegcraft kegs, which are used by Revolution and other microbreweries in town. (But that is what matters. Come on, with a bar this cool, do you really want to put MGD on tap?)

Both keg couplers are fitted with MFL connections for gas, which means that changing between Cornelius keg disconnects and the Sankey keg coupler is a trivial task with an adjustable crescent wrench. This is also true for the lower beverage line.

The lower shelf is the default place for a Sankey keg. The keg must be propped up on the 2x4 stand so that the refrigerator door will close completely. There is very little clearance for the keg coupler, and you may need to rotate the keg such that you can install the coupler, turn it to lock it, and not run into the blower assembly for the draft tower duct.

The upper shelf can take a Sankey keg as well, however there is very little clearance due to the refrigerator light. This one only works if you use a hose barb tail piece instead of an MFL, which means loosening the hose clamp, removing the hose from the barb (note: takes substantial force and wiggling), forcing it onto the other barb, and clamping it.

List of Currently Certified Users

Qualified Member Trained By
Ryan Pierce Built draft system
Eric Stein Ryan Pierce
Justin Conroy Built Kegerator

Fridge issues

It ices up a lot, and thus needs to be defrosted every once in a while. Don't leave the door open for any length of time more than absolutely necessary. Currently, we are trying to put desiccants in there to reduce the moisture, and thusly the ice content.


  • Screw down the top of the bar; it is loose as is. Could unscrew later if we need to remove it.
  • Upgrade from 2 to 4 taps
  • Temperature sensors in fridge and tap line
  • Beverage line locks and RFID controls