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Electronics Avenue
Hosted Since:
Location: under the loft
Equipment: Category:Electronics_Equipment
Area Host Contact Details
Name: Anna Yu
Email: annotatehere@gmail.com
Other Contact:
Office Hours:
Certifications: by request

Area Rules

  1. Clean up after yourself! It's difficult to use a soldering iron at a messy workspace. Please leave your workspace at least as clean as it was when you arrived.
  2. Please don't leave your projects in Electronics Avenue. There will be project storage eventually, but right now we're out of space! If you have a locker, please store your projects there. If not, please take them home with you.
  3. Put things back when you're done! Ideally it would go back to the place it belongs, but if you don't know, put it where you think it goes. Also, if things aren't clearly labelled enough, then label them! Or you can leave a note for the Area Host in the feedback/suggestion box.
  4. Respect all the tools - We have expensive, precision equipment. If you break it, no one will be able to use it, and who knows if we'll get another one. If you don't know how to use a tool, ask someone who does, or contact the Area Host!
  5. If something breaks, put a note on it and contact the Area Host, don't just leave it for the next person to find.
  6. Make awesome things!

Project Storage

  1. Projects cannot be left in the shop. (If you absolutely MUST leave it there, please contact the Area Host and make sure it is alright first.)
  2. If a project is left in the shop for more than 7 days, the project will be considered abandoned and be made available to the membership as scrap, or thrown away.

For best results, have all the materials on hand when you start a project and set aside time to finish it quickly so we don't have projects laying all over the shop, half done, for months.



Please use extreme caution (and common sense) when dealing with high voltage/current projects. Never work on anything while it's plugged in, and make sure that all capacitors are fully discharged before touching them!

The Epilog_30w_Mini_24 is a dangerous tool that requires extra special attention.

  • Do not walk away from the laser cutter while it is cutting. If you must leave during a cut, pause the job and resume it when you return.
  • Do not cut materials that are hazardous to the laser cutter. These are listed hereEpilog_30w_Mini_24.
  • Do not laser cut yourself. This should be obvious. Nobody likes the smell of burnt flesh, and PS:1 is not a place for self-mutilation (no matter how creative).
  • Do make sure that the vent and air pressure systems are on when cutting. They will significantly decrease the chances of a fire.

In the event of a fire, please use the fire extinguisher beside the laser cutter. (Instructions are on the side)

If you see someone using the equipment improperly, either show them how to do it right, or ask them to stop and seek certification. Notify the Area Host if anyone is abusing, damaging, or messing with the tools in an inappropriate fashion.

Tools Available

All equipment in the workshop has been tagged Category:Electronics_Equipment.

Only the laser cutter and the Prusa Rep-Rap require certification. Please contact the Area Host to schedule a certification time.

Using the tools

If it belongs to PS:One, please be nice to the tools. If they belong to a member who is awesome enough to loan us their personal gear, make sure you treat it extra nice and also, get their permission first.