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== Hand Power Tools ==
== Hand Power Tools ==
[[Dewalt Corded Drill]]<br>
[[Dewalt Corded Drill]]<br>
[[4.5" Angle Grinder]]: Mister sparky<br>
== Art/Craft Equipment ==
== Art/Craft Equipment ==

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How to Use This

This page is a master list for all of the equipment at Pumping Station:One. QR Code images and general information are generated with a simple MediaWiki template.

  • Create a wiki page link here and follow it to fill out the details.
  • Copy, paste and edit the following code into a new wiki page:

{{Template:EquipmentPage |owner=OWNER |model=MODEL NUMBER |serial=SERIAL NUMBER |arrived=DATE |doesitwork=WORKING OR BROKEN |contact=CONTACT PERSON |where=LOCATION |certification= YES OR NO |hackable= YES OR NO |value=DOLLARS |itemphoto=LINK_TO_PHOTO}}<br>

  • Feel free to add a new header and more information as appropriate
  • Save the page
  • Copy the QR code image
  • Open the Template Document with Open/Libre Office Draw and paste the QR code in there, modify the template as appropriate, print it, and stick it to the tool.

This is the MediaWiki Equipment Template, please don't mess with it unless you know what you are doing: Template:EquipmentPage

How to Use Our Tools

For the vast majority of our tools (listed below), we require you 1. be a member and 2. be certified on the tool before you use it. If Certification Required = Yes on the tool's page here, then please get certified before using that tool.

You can find the list of people certified on the tool's wiki page or in hard copy near the physical location of the equipment if we haven't migrated it yet. Most folks will certify you if they have time and you ask nicely, as long as they feel qualified to. Right now, our Safety Czar (or Meister) is Dan "MeisterTek" Meyer, so contact him if you're having trouble locating someone to certify you.

Woodworking Tools

Dremel Moto Shop Scroll Saw
Sears Scroll Saw
Shopsmith Mark 5: Lathe/Bandsaw combination
Ryobi Chop Saw
Ryobi 10 Inch Portable Table Saw
The Poop Router: Portable Router Table

Machine Tools

Grizzly Metal Lathe 7" x 12" Mini Metal Lathe
6" Bench Grinder
Skil LaserX2 Drill Press
Delta 8" Drill Press
Breakerbot: Metal printing dreams...
Welder: Actual metal printer.

Hand Power Tools

Dewalt Corded Drill
4.5" Angle Grinder: Mister sparky

Art/Craft Equipment

Singer Tiny Tailor
Cricut Die Cutting Machine
Mr. Burns Kiln
Weaving Station: One

Computing/Network Gear

Darth Rack: 42U of awesome
Black and Whitey: Laser Printer
HP Medium Format Printer
Behemoth Projector
Proxima Projector

Electronics Gear

Abe Simpson Digital Multimeter
Fluk3 D1g1t@l Mult1m3t3r
Zan Oscilloscope
Jayna Oscilloscope
The Oh-Face Scope
Electro-Hydra: Bench Multimeter and Power Supply
The Bench-Top Power Supply With No Name
Hewlett-Packard 4262A LCR Meter

Science Equipment

Sucky The Vacuum Pump

Office/Kitchen Equipment

Oh Brother Where Art Thou Label Maker
Cold Things Box: Fridge
Hot Things Box: Microwave