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How to Use This

This page is a master list for all of the equipment at Pumping Station:One. QR Code images and general information are generated with a simple MediaWiki template.

  • Create a wiki page link here and follow it to fill out the details.
  • Copy, paste and edit the following code into a new wiki page:
|owner = PS:One
|certification = YES OR NO
|hackable = YES OR NO
|arrived = DATE
|doesitwork = WORKING OR BROKEN
|where = LOCATION
|value = DOLLARS
  • Feel free to add a new header and more information as appropriate
  • Save the page

This is the MediaWiki Equipment Template, please don't mess with it unless you know what you are doing: Template:EquipmentPage

How to Use Our Tools

For the vast majority of our tools (listed below), we require you 1. be a member and 2. be certified on the tool before you use it. If Certification Required = Yes on the tool's page here, then please get certified before using that tool.

You can find the list of people certified on the tool's wiki page or in hard copy near the physical location of the equipment if we haven't migrated it yet. Most folks will certify you if they have time and you ask nicely, as long as they feel qualified to. Right now, our Safety Czar (or Meister) is Dan "MeisterTek" Meyer, so contact him if you're having trouble locating someone to certify you.

Tool Categories



IT Equipment


Shop Equipment