FrontDoor Beaglebone

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FrontDoor Beaglebone
Owner/Loaner dbever
Serial Number 1
Make/Model BeagleBone Black
Arrival Date 2014-11-22
Usability yes
Contact Derek Bever
Where Screwed to the front door
Authorization Needed no
Hackable yes
Estimated Value ~$100
Host Area {{{hostarea}}}

FrontDoor Beaglebone dbever Area: {{{hostarea}}}

Getting Your RFID Number From this Reader

To get the tag value, scan your new 125kHz (EM4001 card format), non-valid tag (you don't need to open the door, it will scan from the back) and visit (You must be connected to the PS1 network). If the tag has not been previously registered in the system, your code will be displayed there. Copy the code from that page into the box on the members site into the box on the members site (you must be signed in) and hit submit. It's important to load the page on the beaglebone before another member scans their tag.

Other Methods of Entry


This device will respond to HTTP requests to open the door - these requests will need to come from the PS:One network. An HTTP request to:

will cause the striek plate to unlock for 5 seconds. Use this to unlock the door with your phone, for example.

Device Software

The software is running Debian (tracking testing) for the Beaglebone Black.