Garbage bags

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Garbage bags
Owner/Loaner PS:One
Serial Number N/A
Make/Model N/A
Arrival Date April 1, 2009
Usability yes
Contact General Area Host
Where Safe
Authorization Needed no
Hackable yes
Estimated Value $1
Host Area General Area

Garbage bags Area: General Area

Garbage bags, otherwise known as "trash can liners" are kept in the Safe, which is an old walk-in safe, actual safe but it functions more like a broom closet, accessed from the CNC area, where the lasers and the 3D printers are kept.

The safe is unlocked and contains supplies and miscellany. Look for a box labeled "trash can liners." It's cool, I think, if you put a spare one at the bottom of each clean trash can, assuming that the bottoms of the cans are dry and not nasty.

Garbage bags are a consumable item that is usually bought out of the General area budget by the General Area Host.

Dust Collector Bags

There is a box of similar but not identical bags in the dust collector area for that bin.