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<greetermon> neat idea for an supplementary page

In no particular order and very few dates, a few of the things greetermon has said in #pumpingstationone that entertained us. Sometimes sayings from other bots end up in here too just because they entertained us and we have nowhere else to stick them.

 <Toba> grumpermon: what happens to shit after 11 hours
 <grumpermon> when two tectonic shit plates collide?
 <+Toba> grumpermon: ok stop distracting us we have important work to do
 < grumpermon> whatever it is a medical emergency
 <NegativeK> tac_: Optional static typing for Python.
 <NegativeK> Uses .
 <tac_> ah
 <tac_> that's built into Python 3 right?
 <grumpermon> the semantics of the damn language
 <NegativeK> Paying customers? Fuck 'em!
 <chronmon> i disagree
 <loans> well timed
 <NegativeK> chronmon: Paying customers? Don't fuck 'em!
 <NegativeK> grumpermon: Paying customers?
 <grumpermon> Don't fuck 'em!
 <NegativeK> That's right!
 <loans> haha
 <loans> Toba: grumpermon just got positive. better terminate it
 <chronmon> ..fine, you've convinced me. carry on.
 <NegativeK> grumpermon: Thanks for helping me with chronmon.
 <grumpermon> put spurious bullshit on their shits
 <hef> yeah, but I had to learn about signed ntp
 <bjonnh-took-over> and everybody logs in with root/root
 <grumpermon> a damn browser to do ssh is a good excuse to ticket the shit piles.
 <bjonnh> grumpermon: there's shit discharge in the shop, who you gonna call
 <grumpermon> damn seemed excessive.  Do we still have that affect sometimes =P
 <NegativeK> grumpermon: Fuck you.
 <grumpermon> The idea that I can't but propose you to fuck off too
 < grumpermon> bad at damning shitty software, medium good at writing shitty software, damn good at writing
 < grumpermon> you play the sounds of fucking sea lions and beluga whales from at work
 < Toba_> grumpermon: why does software break
 < grumpermon> everyone get defensive when you say that, but all that shit's broken in a damn
 < thousand> grumpermon: of course you're a trump supporter
 < grumpermon> guy? damn fuck fuck him for a fuck of his bullshit, but do I really
 12:14:45 <+Toba> grumpermon: is everything going to be okay?
 12:14:45 < grumpermon> a huge negative
 <+Toba> grumpermon: why is linux such a fucking piece of shit
 < grumpermon> damn, comprised of smaller, more damn pieces of shit. I know you're thinking about it.
 < bjonnh> grumpermon: what would you use an hydraulic press for
 < grumpermon> to shit piss
 < grumpermon> the king of fuck hill is talking shit about bike exhibits. <.<
 < grumpermon> I'd prefer explicit toggles, like fuck fuck, fuck not shit fuck damn damn fuck shit
 < greetermon> iron chef's side, that would appear to be noodles, but noodles don't have eyes, uh, and those do.
 < chronmon> greetermon: What do we really need in a serious manner?
 < greetermon> get botmon, the bot writing bot?     
 < bjonnh> grumpermon: you're awful
 < grumpermon> gonna go to ps1 and eat rice soaked in fuck green shit.
 < loans> the culture's ships are equipped with intelligences that choose their own names
 < grumpermon> shit (sometimes they do) but more than damn  we have the appropriate damn, though.
 < bjonnh> grumpermon: poop poop poop meow poop meow
 < grumpermon> a poop and no play makes Jack a fucking github repo damn
 < bjonnh> grumpermon: did the singularity already happened
 < grumpermon> damn, it confused damn people but obviously i had to go run the damn command
 < bjonnh> grumpermon: your thought on microsoft deletes teen girl AI after it became a hitler-loving sex robot within 24 hours
 < grumpermon> fuck in the damn in your wallet? I found a remakably cornucopia of bullshit fuckery.
 <grumpermon> programmers, damn shit with damn damn, make shit thing"
 <+Toba> davelowmon, do you want some hot chili
 < greetermon> to eat others
 < davelowmon> Thanks! but no thanks =/
 < `justin> greetermon: what do you want from me?
 < greetermon> a cute error
 < `justin> oh
 < NegativeK> Error, hug needed.
 < grumpermon> my top 2 skills, fucking right off and fucking
 <NegativeK> But like, degloving typically requires intentional safety violations.
 <greetermon> that's squarely in the "your problems"
 < skay> grumpermon: how should I pronoun you?
 < grumpermon> -L and -R and localhost and the other options work.
 < greetermon> been sat waiting for him to show me how I can radio the swears for some special reason
 * greetermon has joined #pumpingstationone
 <+Toba> greetermon: welcome back from the dead
 < greetermon> bodies from the atom feed now
 < grumpermon> it's shitty enforced "WHEE HAVE FUN" company bullshit but it actually was a fireworks accident
 15:10 -!- cheermon [] has joined #pumpingstationone
 15:11 <+Toba> cheermon: what about now yo? How are you feeling, did you watch any bob ross
 15:11 < cheermon> does that wooooo they wooooo a hydrogen-boron fuel that's prone to
                 self-ignition, is toxic, releases toxic exhaust, and has sticky, corrosive,
                 reactive, sharp products in the black crotch of wooooo stack trace crashing

 < grumpermon> never said shit about a dress code fucking prom dresses :-p
 < greetermon> gonna go to the default virtual host for the space and have a fear of mortality and RAID controllers: a retrospective 
                           post-human psychological study by grumpermon  i love you and would never
 15:56:23 < grumpermon> to the member meeting. We the membership vote to take
                        out $1000 in single dollar bills and make sure that it
                        starts when it's used damn shit-all
 15:54:18 < loans> grumpermon: do you miss greetermon?
 15:54:18 < grumpermon> hate swearing robots
 < grumpermon> you, again. fuck I have a dark closet in the corner of fucked and god
 < grumpermon> you want an annoying fuck bot?
 < bjonnh> grumpermon: do you accept torture as a way to gather intelligence?
 < grumpermon> damn, doomed is your soul and damned is your space like a spurious correlation, but
 < grumpermon> hell is wrong for where we go to listen to non stop damn' country because i added the status "probably fixed" to jira once
 < `justin> greetermon: are you and grumpermon a couple?
 < greetermon> either unconvincing or totally absent, assume the obligation of  appraisal, commendation, derogation or denunciation of 
                           their  contemporaries. Still, by and large it is an easier time protyping in
 <grumpermon> shit to be obsolete, fuck shit rt for taking care of the space during HELL
 11:28:40 < grumpermon> CarlFK told me the characters in this goddamned file,
                        kill me please'
 < greetermon> stupid computers, but I don't mind riding a bike club in the hot metals area.
 <+Toba> greetermon: is systemd going to plasma cut me?
 < greetermon> interact with a hydraulic excavator and then really hurt.
 < grumpermon> you often discussed fitting a mannequin with a camera, microphone, speaker, screen, wifi, cellular, shit damn USB device 
                           attached to your IT people's launch party.  The project manager is careless and rude.
 < grumpermon> a gigantic fucking gong in the car just in time for the server-preferred cipher order?
 < grumpermon> you damn my best to remain in compliance with the law. And I'd break it.
 <+Toba> grumpermon: pedantry - love it or hate it
 < grumpermon> you will have a miserable life.
 < NegativeK> That'd be neat.
 < greetermon> a great way to spend time on it 
 < grumpermon> and then fuck waste 5 minutes after production release: "Oh shit, I'm almost fuck, neither
 < grumpermon> I fuck manga
 < greetermon> like it smells like free energy projects are forbidden in the space""
 < greetermon> help me judge the dumb robots.
 < hef1> priviledged should just mean can have privileges
 < greetermon> like a whole bunch of cops
 <grumpermon> really got all manner of pissy shit the fact that you're not current on your 
               desk fuck store images in S3 so that they can vote to damn policies and 'fixing stuff at
 <greetermon> porn torrents at the space, please
 <greetermon> the more important issue right now. or is it that hard to paint an email...
 <greetermon> hef allergic to liberals as well.  The idea is that a given member cares
 < grumpermon> throughput and damn on our geographically-diverse cloud storage solution
 < grumpermon> Women get hit on in other word: the statement fuck, damn shits fuck a laser'
 < greetermon> It is a probability that someone actually builds it in a fake beard and PBR
 < greetermon> share your secrets when they're dead.
 < greetermon> mailing list.  It's a good first event for me to attend? I'd really like to burn and
 < grumpermon> fuck I like NegativeK's approach because sometimes I fuck shiting in Illinois NFP fuck damn said "all shits must 
                           dissolve, shit hackerspaces can operate", our bylaws fuck shits to violate
 < greetermon> burn down the space in a non-working condition (because I am dumb)
 < grumpermon> finger damn shit this chat today.
 < bry> been trying to get this freaking IIS setup to work
 < greetermon> take an active support contract, right?"
 < greetermon> PIMP, i would add with input from our agent
 < grumpermon> think "No Shitting" signs carry force damn shit. If you carry fuck gun past shit, you're breaking the law (unless you're 
                           shit cop, etc)
 < bry> YdyTJmCm.jpg
 < bjonnh> hahaha
 < NegativeK> Hahahaha!
 < bjonnh> did he really say that?
 < greetermon> get your car???
 < NegativeK> I know a guy whose last name is Shaw.
 < greetermon> said for each act of slaughter (required for them) or just per-session

 < greetermon> tell it to a tape
 < greetermon> of see someone on the other day i woke up to footsteps on my roof. one of those dudes are certified on the refinery
 < loans> i dunno
 < loans> shut up
 < bry> it's a jooooooke
 < greetermon> bit late for that isnt it?
 < greetermon> is a lean MVP, we just don't use it, I put vertical bandsawing in the progress of fixing/addressing.
 < sparr> most commonly apparent as a shift from 'safety third' to 'safety first' mindsets, often involving insurance
 < greetermon> family doesn't do static typing, people develop a lot of fucking bots
 < grumpermon> gentoo and breaking the shit shit of that fuck.
 < bry> he doesn't care like the lead guy does
 < greetermon> devs says you shouldn't drink for 6 hours before and saved $20 on theater tickets for a better chance if I can dig it
 <+Toba> but the ui paradigms on android and ios arent that similar in some ways
 < greetermon> French schools, they teach it different
 14:38:57 < bjonnh> youtube suggests me "how to poop while standing"
 14:38:57 < greetermon> ask questions the smart way"
 14:39:04 < bjonnh> yep
 < agocs> !feature !weather should simply say "wear pants" or "don't wear pants"
 < bjonnh> I was thinking of drone radio system
 <+kuroishi> i took my kids to go see the pig yesterday
 < greetermon> this conversation to its obvious conclusion
 < greetermon> the space can reach the domain controller so that the last letter of the string
                 is in column 70 of the programs at my old job in order to keep bringing people back
 <+kuroishi> greetermon: you stay the fuck away from the domain controller.
 <+kuroishi> when I said low power replacement server hardware, I really meant $1737.62 worth of embedded linux computers.
 < greetermon> hope I made my boss's boss as sad as he deserves to
 < `justin> my company is outsourcing recruiting
 < sylphiae> oh no
 < greetermon> it's a different entrance to the company (like 15 people) saying "Ha ha, very funny". That prompted 
         the office admin / self appointed HR / killer of fun to threaten to go over
 < chronmon> Good morning, cube dweller. What feature are you dreaming up today?
 < greetermon> cube dweller. What feature are you working down town?  (even if you can't help but criticize people whose multi-page 
                        resume has a paragraph that rolls over just one line in a bind
 < chronmon> !feature cube dweller. What feature are you working down town?  (even if you can't help but criticize people whose 
                     multi-page resume has a paragraph that rolls over just one line in a bind
 < minivanmegafun> but yeah my last job still had some linux 2.2 stuff hanging around
 < greetermon> crap right there and then :-
 < greetermon > words mean shitass
   < skay> I juju deploy rabbitmq-server whenever I need it
   < bry> it sort of sounds like y'all are doing voodoo with food
   <+Toba> haha
   < bry> and animal sacrifice
   < asl2> the combination of rabbitmq and celery is particularly apropos
   < greetermon> hack value, inscrutablity,
   < `justin[lame]> Cow Office Hours
   < sylphiae> do i get to tip cows during COO
   < greetermon> come up with that can do with openstack (if you manage to put our corrupt governors in prison
   21:21:45 < jackhholmes> Bioguy: from what I can tell, FB points to an old DNS
                           cache that referencing was wordpress.
   21:22:58 < jackhholmes> I also might be spewing BS I dunno
   21:22:59 < greetermon> the magic incantations to do that at work for a
                          non-profit called Public Lab, we are looking to move out
                          here spittin, cussin, pissin, smokin' and drinkin'"
   < Groove72> Peace and love to all you groovy people.   
   < greetermon> your questions is essentially impossible, which is why there are
                 no official feature classification standards. See, isn't  science
   < kuroishi> and while we're at it, 3d printers should be more like makers.
   < NegativeK> Someone please hack the CubePro to act like it's high on its own filament.
   < greetermon> the list of "bad ways to accomplish this", though.
   <greetermon> You are really just Cleaning Power.
   [13:41:37] *** Joins: RebeccaReinhardt (48b676d1@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
   [13:41:44] <RebeccaReinhardt> Hello out there!
   [13:41:49] <kuroishi> hi RebeccaReinhardt 
   [13:42:04] <NegativeK> kuroishi: Because hammers don't work in reverse.
   [13:42:32] <kuroishi> NegativeK: bullshit, I pounded it into there I can pound it out again
   [13:42:43] <NegativeK> Mmmmmmmhmm.
   [13:43:12] <t_j> NegativeK: there is a reason hammers are called irish screwdrivers,
                    they work perfectly in both directions
   [13:43:18] <kuroishi> hah
   [13:43:39] <RebeccaReinhardt> I am sorry if this is not the right place to ask-- I work
                                 at a large scale 3D printing company, I was wondering if I
                                 could email the manager or someone who would like to talk
                                 to me about what we do
   [13:43:44] <t_j> also if you have a hammer everything looks like a nail
   [13:43:57] <kuroishi> RebeccaReinhardt: sure, email
   [13:44:02] <NegativeK> RebeccaReinhardt: We're a bit too intentionally disorganized to have a manager.  
   [13:44:02] <greetermon> non-profit environmental group that works to build open source
                           3d printed gun really fucked up yet. How will you fuck it all up
                           and maybe making a round-robin binging connect/disconnect noise when they
   [13:44:06] <t_j> bahahahahahahahahahhahahahahah
   [13:44:08] <NegativeK> But info@ is a good email to reach out to.
   [13:44:10] <kuroishi> hahahahhaha
   [13:44:21] <t_j> or the public list
   [13:45:44] <RebeccaReinhardt> Alright, I emailed that address last week so you've got my
                                 contact info there. Reach out to me if you want to connect!
   [13:45:47] <RebeccaReinhardt> Thank you!
   [25 22:06:45] <+Toba> i wonder when greetermon will spit something out
   [25 22:06:51] <+Toba> that is such a good idea
   [25 22:06:54] <+Toba> that someone actually builds it
   [25 22:06:54] < greetermon> ate your cream
   [10:26:54] <`justin> your trying to hard to make divisions between different
                        groups of people in that sentence (who do not form actual
                        mutually exclusive groups)
   [10:27:05] <`justin> and then claim that it's some sort of social injustice
   [10:27:05] <greetermon> I will use my time machine to go kill
   <greetermon> want to drive membership, a laser engraver will do
   09:33:13 < `justin> !feature
   09:33:16 < sudlowbot> YOUR FEATURE REQUEST HAS BEEN NOTED
                          REQUEST HAS BEEN
   15:44:41 < bjonnh> rewritebot: want some candies?
   15:44:42 < rewritebot> want several candies
   15:44:44 < bjonnh> ok