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Heating Zones

The upstairs and the downstairs are the 2 separate heating zones.


The thermostat is by the closet across from the top of the front stairs, in the craft area. The heat and cooling are in the closet.


The room in the back left corner of the main room (looking toward the back of the building) contains our boiler and our hot water tank.

The thermostat is located in the metal shop area. The manual is at [1] but it has not yet been configured using the wifi module.

The front room has a thermostat near the safe. This system is independently controlled by the same boiler system in the boiler room.


Some of our HVAC systems require regular maintenance.


In the boiler room the two red pumps that force hot water for radiant heat in the front room and the shop area. These pumps have three ports for oil lubrication. The two ports on either side of the pump get 3 drops of oil each, the covered port over the bearing needs one strong squirt. This needs to be done annually. This was last preformed 4/1/13.