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This is a working (incomplete) list of PS1 members (other than board members) who are authorized to perform ID checks as a part of new member induction, following the passage of the vote to allow the board to authorize members to check IDs:

Name Username
Simon Pyle esp
Ray Doeksen rdoeksen
Jonathan Bisson bjo
Bhairavi Suresh bhairaviwarke
Marlena Irizarry marlena
Ron Olson tachoknight
Steve Farkas stevetheotherone

If you are in fact able to check IDs (meaning you have the admin ability to update a members' profile with ID information) then please add yourself to this list. Generally, area hosts have this ability, and ought to, if the CTO has gotten around to it.

The time we generally recommend you come in for ID checking (it's a requirement of membership that you have your government-issued ID checked, as part of the application process) is on Tuesday night at 8 pm, when we have an open house tour for new members and interested non-members. If you can't come then, and you can't make it to the third Sunday of the month at 4 pm when we generally have an orientation, then you have to catch board members and other ID checkers as you can. All ID checkers are volunteers, there are no other guaranteed hours to find them, but the ID checkers are also some of the more active members and are likely as not to be the ones showing up for things like NERP, area host office hours, and other PS1 events. See the event calendar for those things, and try your luck.

If you can make contact with any of the ID checkers (try using "reply privately to author" on Google Groups, for instance, or ask them on Slack if you are a member) you might be able to figure out when they will be at the space.