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Space IP Camera links

  • Note: some of these cameras are broken and they are only accessible when you are connected to the PS:One network.*
Area MAC Address Camera URL (RTSP) Camera URL (Motion JPEG)
Electronics Lab 00:1F:1F:EF:93:EF rtsp://
Laser Cutter 00:1F:1F:EF:94:0C rtsp://
Shop 00:1F:1F:EF:94:0A rtsp://
Graphics Arts and Textiles 00:1F:1F:EF:94:10 rtsp://

locating the ip cameras

The cameras now have static dhcp leases. In case they wonder again, the following nmap command has been effective at locating them.

   nmap --script rtsp-url-brute -p 554

What uses this

Spacemon does. Hopefully not too much at once because it seems like the cameras fall over if you have more than one thing use them. Dang.