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Johnson Bandsaw
Owner/Loaner PS:One
Serial Number J14445
Make/Model Johnson Model J (JD)
Arrival Date 1/13/14
Usability yes
Contact Dean Anderson
Authorization Needed yes
Hackable no
Estimated Value 700
Host Area {{{hostarea}}}

Johnson Bandsaw Area: {{{hostarea}}} https://wiki.pumpingstationone.org/Johnson_Bandsaw

This tool requires certification for use.

Johnson products are now supported by Dake. http://www.dakecorp.com/ Replacement parts for this saw are generally available.


Capacity 10" rounds, 18" flats
Blade Size 137" x 3/4"
Blade Speed 35, 90, 130, 190 FPM
Power 240V, 3 phase
Weight 683 pounds
Mfg. Date 1964


Installed: Bimetal 6-10 tooth -- best for 1" -3" cutting width. Cutting pieces narrower than 1" can strip the teeth of the blade. 601 Series - Haltbar M42 (0.75 x 0.035 - 6-10) @ 11' 5" https://www.sawblade.com/order-601-series-haltbar-m42.cfm


Grease pivot bar

Add coolant pan and pump.

Add blade brush.

Measure FPM for new step pulley.


Description Frequency Lubricant Instructions History
Hydraulic cylinder Maintain level at top of oil cup.
Gear Box yearly 80W-90 gear oil Drain and fill with 3 ounces of oil.

Requires removing gearbox. See below.

2/14 8 oz 85W90
Pivot bar monthly General purpose grease 2 Zert fittings. Use grease gun.

Gearbox oil change. Loosen 2 screws on the left edge of right top cover. Remove top 2 screws on the right side. Loosen bottom 2 screws on the right side cover. Slide top cover towards the center of the saw. Pivot the right cover down. Remove drive belt. Remove gearbox step pulley. Remove 3 bolts holding the gearbox. These are near the ring gear teeth. Remove the gearbox out the top of the saw between the two transverse brackets (long shaft comes out last). Drain/fill bolt is on the side opposite the pinion gear. Consider replacing the gaskets on the gearbox.


Item Description Supplier Cost
Bimetal Bandsaw Blade, 137"L, 3/4"W


Manual for the latest version of the Model J (very similar).


Good link for restoration, including coolant pan dimensions and bearing sizes. http://www.shopfloortalk.com/forums/showthread.php?t=21021

List of Currently Authorized Users

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Dean Anderson
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