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|Ensure Chucks are alighted

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LeBlond Regal
Owner/Loaner PS1
Serial Number 6C 1319
Make/Model LeBlond Regal
Arrival Date May 2018
Usability Yes
Contact Host Cold Metals
Where Cold Metals
Authorization Needed Yes
Hackable No
Estimated Value 5000
Host Area Cold Metals

LeBlond Regal PS1 Area: {{{hostarea}}} https://wiki.pumpingstationone.org/LeBlond_Regal


Swing over bed 15 1/2 " Length of bed 54" Power required - 220 3 ph 30a ckt

NOTE: The manual specifies SAE 20 oil, it is the same as ISO 68 or Way oil

Auth/Use Notes

Danger Committee May 2018

 Anna Yu - Chair,  Jim Brink, Sevin, Ed Bennett, Abel Greenwood.


Status Item Person Working on Item Comments
closed Should we replace hydraulic filter? It's not mentioned in the manual but it seems like something you may want to change? Jim Brink Per discussion Tuesday 5/29 we will top off resevoir and run as-is for a few months then replace oil
Closed Top off oil reservoirs, oil machine and follow maintenance in manual as far as I can tell all reservoirs should have ISO 68 (Way) oil. Will wait until next maintenance cycle
Do we need some device to help lift chucks on removal ( they weigh approx 80#) a lightweight Harbor Freight hoist is about $70 Sevin Straus Possible mount on rafters on the ceiling. but need to look for a hoist.

Have found a rail and trolley setup that will hang from the rafters and support a 500# lifting capacity winch. Final selection of equipment and mounting is in progress.

Taper attachment needs to be cleaned and tested Abel Greenwald
Level and check for taper Sevin Straus Lathe is leveled but need to check for taper in a test cut

-Test cuts have been made, and we are able to cut an actual round, non tapered, cut to measure first, and created a dead(ish) center for the headstock. We used our new center along with the live center we have to measure the general alignment between the headstock and the tailstock. The gauge bar had a .003" slope over 24". However we were able to get .003" flex on the live center, and that bar weighs 20+lbs so not too bad. On the side to side alignment, there was a .001" taper over 24" with the tailstock being slightly closer to the operator than the headstock. Abel and I did not try to chase that .001" out on Saturday, but if we feel that is too much error we can take a crack at it.

Any tooling needed? Need 5/8" indexable cutting set
done Tool post attachment? Jim Brink
Hold Do we want to fit a DRO? NOTE: the Cold metals budget is getting tight for this tool we may budget this in 2019 Possibly put together a vote to finance this and the guard.
Do we want to fit cooling? Ed Bennett Spec out a pump system for Jim to purchase, Ed will install.
Carrage lock nofunctional
Signage and Marking on and around the Leblonde
Authorization path
Add Estop - Kickplate plus switch Ed Bennett Spoke to Roger (888-532-5663) LeBlond does not have a product or document to retrofit this machine 5/30
Need to mount a guard Possible solution: https://atssafety.com/collections/lathe-guards/products/lathe-safety-guards-sliding-lathe-guard-gear-case-mount
Fencing for Spectators and Floor taping
todo Ensure Chucks are alighted



Jacobs Spindle Nose Collet Chuck " A very nice piece of tooling", this video is worth it for the music alone - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=smKWlrjxXag


Manual -> https://wiki.pumpingstationone.org/images/LeBlond_Regal.pdf

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