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The Collection

Library Wishlist

Books in the plastic basket with Removed tags on them are free to grab.


Books in our collection should be:

  • Technical – The books must be nonfiction and provide in-depth information on a particular subject
    • Good: Transformers and Motors
    • Bad: Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone
  • Useful – The books must pertain to something people in the space are doing or are interested in.
    • Good: Hand-Manipulated Stitches for Machine Knitters
    • Bad: German to French dictionary
  • Current – The books must provide information that is still at least mostly true.
  • In Good Condition



Please only donate books that are on the Wishlist or are updated versions of the ones we have.

Adding to the Collection

Put the book in the plastic basket.


Add the book to Library Thing. Username: Pumpingstationone Password: ps1frocks After adding, create a tag for the book. The tags are library of congress classification. (See ) They are left-aligned 14pt Times New Roman. They are taped on with packing tape (But if anyone wants to donate archival quality paper and tape, that would be great).

Removing from the Collection

If adding an updated version of the book, just tag it and put the old book in the plastic basket next to the shelves. If you think a book sucks, rate it on LibraryThing with a brief review. Then move the book to the Removed collection on the site. Attach a piece of paper to the book that says Removed and a date 2 weeks from the date moved. Put the book in the plastic basket.