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Limbo is a clearly marked and well lit set of shelves dedicated to items which might be useful to someone, and are therefore not immediately discarded. Everything brought into limbo is marked with a date. Date marking apparatus is attached to the shelf. Anyone may remove anything from Limbo at any time. Area Hosts and directors will periodically clear out the oldest items.

What can be put in Limbo and who can put it there?

  • Area hosts: Items with valid parking tickets issued more than 2 weeks in the past
  • Area hosts: Items that have been in the lost and found for more than a month
  • All members: Items you own

Limbo rules:

  • Do not bring items to PS:One specifically to put in Limbo.
  • Items in the Limbo MUST be dated so that old items can be cleaned out
  • If an item is of a known level of brokenness, label as such
  • Items must fit on the shelves. You can make room by (re)moving or disassembling other items
  • Anyone may remove anything from Limbo at any time
  • If you take something out of Limbo for personal use, it must be stored properly
  • If an item is too big to fit in Limbo, it is subject to disassembly or ejection from the space. In this case, if the owner is known, they shall be given two weeks to arrange for removal of the item from the space.