Lincoln Electric 100 WeldPak

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Lincoln Electric 100 WeldPak
Owner/Loaner Dan Meyer
Serial Number n/a
Make/Model Lincoln Electric 100 WeldPak AKA "MIG 1"
Arrival Date 2009
Usability yes
Contact Dan Meyer
Where Removed
Authorization Needed yes
Hackable no
Estimated Value $500
Host Area Hot Metals

Lincoln Electric 100 WeldPak Dan Meyer Area: Hot Metals

!!! CAUTION !!! This welder is only 20% duty cycle which means it can only be welding 2 minutes out of every 10 minutes or the welding unit may be ruined, if you weld for 2 minutes wait 8 minutes for the welder to cool.

For safety tips and a general operational overview, see the article on PS1's MIG welders.

Welding Lens Shade 9 or 10 is the safe recommended welding lens.

OWNERS MANUAL: File:Lincoln Electric 100.pdf

List of Currently Authorized Users

This tool may require training to be used correctly.

Training Resources


Suggested Personal Equipment and Supplies

Qualified Member Trained By Date
Keon Turner Ron Olson
Will Alt Self taught, Ron Olson
Jordan Bunker Self taught, Dan Meyer
Josh Kreuger Self Taught
Eric Michaud Self Taught
Todd Freeman Professional training
Tim Saylor Nat class
Nathan Witt Josh Kreuger
Brian Sutherland Tim Saylor
Karol Slowikowski David Koppel
Patrick Callahan Tim Saylor
Geoffrey Topham Eric Michaud
Dan Meyer Prairie State College: A.A.S. Manufacturing Technology 1993
Jeremy Bloyd-Peshkin 3 years on the job
Kathy Whisler Dan Meyer
Shawn Blaszak Dan Meyer
Rick Futhark Dan Meyer
William McShane Dan Meyer
Jeff Cymbalski Dan Meyer
Joe Fallon Dan Meyer
Dan Locks Dan Meyer
Dustin Mitchell Dan Meyer
Daron Wooding Jeremy Bloyd-peshkin
Christopher Lee Fanning Dan Meyer
Adam Davis Dan Meyer
Brian Chojnowski Dan Meyer
Sacha DeAngeli Dan Meyer
Steve Finkelman Dan Meyer
Keith Hoffmann Dan Meyer
Steve Farkas Dan Meyer
Gary Friedlander Dan Meyer
Jay Hopkins Dan Meyer
Mike Warot Dan Meyer
Rosanna Lloyd Dan Meyer
Colin Parsons Dan Meyer
Tucker Tomlinson Dan Meyer
Ryan Pierce Dan Meyer
Jessica Cobb Dan Meyer
Charlie Stauffer Dan Meyer
Michael Skilton Dan Meyer
William Ching Dan Meyer
Michael Skilton Dan Meyer
Brian Sheppard Dan Meyer
Kevin Caughlin Dan Meyer
Justin Bozarth Dan Meyer
Justin Miles Dan Meyer
Derek Bever Tucker Tomlinson
Shea Johns Derek Bever
Zachary Fietch Derek Bever
Dave Schact Mike Warot
Tom Forajter Dave Schact
Aaron Feigen Dave Schact
Michael Leinartas Dave Schact
Ray Doeksen Dave Schact
Eric Stein Dave Schact
Kris Huisinga Dave Schact
Elizabeth Koprucki Dave Schact
Darin Wike Adrianna McKinley
Tina Croniser Dave Schact
Simon Cygielski Dave Schact
Robert Grossman Derek Bever
Adam Glick Derek Bever
Eric K. Dave Schact
Eddie Muela Derek Bever
Samuel Swope Derek Bever
Casey Olson Dave Schact
Jim Grady Dave Schact
Tom Judge Dave Schact
Everett Wilson Tom Judge
Jason Shanfield Dave Schact
David Koppel Tom Judge
Thomas Wright Tom Judge
Chris Agocs Tom Judge
Anna Yu Tom Judge
Bryan Gleason Tom Judge
Michael Leinartas Dave Schact
Sonia Yaco Tom Judge
Arjun Wadnerkar Tom Judge
David Srebro Ron Olson
Glenn Powers Ron Olson
Chris Kleehammer Ron Olson
Will Garza Ron Olson
Allen Zalsman Simon Cygielski
Scott Anamizu Simon Cygielski
Touly Phiachantharath Ron Olson
Brian Marler Ron Olson
James Villalpando Ron Olson
Jeff Lawson Ron Olson
James Villalpando Ron Olson
Eric Reusche Ron Olson
Aaron Carlock Ron Olson
Raj Perera Ron Olson
Josh Cooper Ron Olson
Mike Jones Ron Olson
Jacob Eckert Ron Olson
Bruce McConachie Ron Olson
Elizabeth Arundel
Lauren Svedman Ron Olson
Mike Forkan Ron Olson
Anthony Johnson Ron Olson
Connor Sullivan Tom Judge
Spencer Simms Ron Olson
Andy Muhic Ron Olsen
Joe Iklov Ron Olsen
Allen Zalsman Tucker? (member can't remember)
Matt Keith Ron Olsen
McTavish McArdle Tom Judge
Jim Brink Dan Meyer
Andrew Vaughan Chris Iacullo 5/11/17
Miriam Stevens Chris Iacullo 7/27/17
Jacob Snyder Daron Wooding 9/16/17
Wayne Hendryx Chris Iacullo 4/11/18
Will Spears Chris Iacullo 9/12/18
Kevin Schwartzenberg Ron Olson 3/17/19
Paul Ocampo Ron Olson 5/18/19
Item Description Supplier Cost
KH643 Lincoln Electric Premium Leather Welding Gloves Home Depot $14.47
KH643 Alternative to above, MIG Welding Glove Grain Pigskin, 4" Gauntlet Cuff, Gold McMaster $12.69
19056 Nice affordable auto darkening helmet, Northern Industrial 3 13/16 x 1 3/4 in. Welding Helmet with variable shade #9-13 $64.99
KH530 Lincoln Electric Straight-Head Chipping Hammer Home Depot $5.97
KH585 Lincoln Electric Wooden Shoe Handle Carbon Steel Brush Home Depot $2.47
5367T9 Lightweight Cotton Welding Clothing Jacket, 30" Length McMaster $23.00
5340T61 Alternative to above jacket for cooler welding, Leather Cape Sleeves, 13" Length McMaster $46.51
5340T41 Goes with Cape Sleeves above, Cape-Sleeve Bib, 19" Length McMaster $13.81
5263T45 If you are going to be doing a ton of welding, Heavy Duty Leather Welding Clothing Chaps McMaster $42.56
ED030584 Lincoln Electric Innershield 0.035 in. NR211 Flux-Cored Welding Wire 1 lb. Home Depot $10.97
7678A674 Alternative to above, MIG Welding Wire E71T-GS Flux Core Steel, .035" Dia, 2 lb Spool McMaster $16.67
KH726 Lincoln Electric Flux-Cored Welding Nozzle Home Depot $3.97
KH712 Lincoln Electric 7/200 in. Wire Feed Welder Contact Tip 035” (0.9 mm) Contact Tips (Qty. 3) Home Depot $8.97
78375A608 Alternative to above, Tweco #11-35 Contact Tip, .035" Wire Size, packs of 10 McMaster $6.00
6511K29 Stock for practice, Low Carbon Steel Round Edge Rectangular Bar 1/16" Thick, 1-1/2" Wide, 6' Length McMaster $15.53
Upgrades for our welders Some of these items have been added to our welders
K2526-1 To add gas shielding and MIG (GMAW) capability including welding aluminum: Lincoln Electric MIG Conversion Kit with 1/4 in. Regulator with Gauge Home Depot $121.00
K2532-1 Magnum 100SG spool gun, air-cooled for welding aluminum Airgas Mid America $200
Various Argon (for aluminum)and Agrgon/CO2 blend (for steel) gasses, $170 for cylinder, $30-40 for gas Airgas Mid America $210
KH495 Small canvas cover for welders Airgas Mid America $25