Lincoln Electric 3200HD

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Lincoln Electric 3200HD
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Owner/Loaner PS:One
Serial Number {{{serial}}}
Make/Model Weld Pak 3200HD
Arrival Date 2015-04-27
Usability yes
Contact Ron Olson
Where Hot Metals
Authorization Needed yes
Hackable no
Estimated Value $340
Host Area Hot Metals

Lincoln Electric 3200HD Area: Hot Metals

Essentially "a hot melt glue gun for metals". It releases 75% argon / 25% CO2 gas as you weld to prevent oxidation of the metal. You're melting the metals you're joining, and adding a bead as well.


  • Wear natural fibers (cotton, wool) only. It puts out sparks and can melt synthetics onto your skin.
  • Wear closed-toe shoes, unless you like setting your feet on fire.
  • Cover all skin - it puts out a lot of UV light. You'll get a sunburn, guaranteed. Plus, you can get burned.
  • It's a good idea to have a hat or something under the face shield, as sparks will go onto the top of your head.
  • There are two screens on wheels - arrange them to block UV light from going to the rest of the shop.
  • Use the thick gloves, also the face shield. The face shield for MIG is pretty handy, it darkens when you start welding.
  • Yell "welding" before starting so anyone sneaking up on you is aware to avert their eyes.
  • The piece will be hot for a long time after you welded it. You can grab it with tongs and dip in buckets.

Approximate Steps for Use


  1. Pull out the machine
  2. Clean out welding tip with the pliers that have files on the outside of the jaws.
  3. Check inside if it's wired for MIG. There's a diagram on the inside of the case. This should not change but can.
    1. The reel of metal wire size should match your recommended diameter.
    2. Wire adjustment is much like the 3D printers' - it flips up and has a tension holder
  4. Also check the recommended settings for welding. You will need to know a letter and a number.
  5. Set the recommended settings on the front panel.
  6. Plug it in.
  7. Cut the wire tip using the pliers to the recommended length.
  8. Check that the gas pressure is above 500PSI. If it's below, press the button on the left wall that will tell Ron to order more gas.
    1. Not sure if can use below 500PSI - I think we're fine as long as it outputs 20CFH?
  9. Adjust gas output on machine to 20CFH
  10. Attach the ground to either the table or the part, depending on what you're doing.


  • Close the screens behind you.
  • Check around periodically for stuff you set on fire. This thing puts out hot sparks. I set a rag on fire the first time I used it. I was confused why the authorizer had brought a smoldering rag for authorization - nope, that was me.
  • You may want to brush the joints before welding. Be sure to pay attention to the labeling on the metal brush - steel only.
  • It may be a good idea to tack both ends of the parts being welded.
  • Make sure there's no crimps in the tube feeding the metal wire. It should be as straight as possible.
  • Ideally you would weld at about a 45° angle.
  • If welding something perpendicular, you're trying to make a puddle (bead) that equally touches both parts. You'll angle it towards the top piece slightly more.
  • Yell "Welding" before starting.
  • The machine has a duty cycle of 2 minutes for every 10. That means you can only use the machine for 2 minutes before taking a break to let it cool down. In practice you usually won't have a problem with this, but for longer, and multiple welds, pay attention to this.

When Done

  1. Turn off gas.
  2. Pull trigger til the PSI reaches 0.
  3. Nice to cut off the extra wire you just fed in the above step.
  4. Unplug.
  5. Coil up everything and put back.
  6. Brush off the mess from the table like the fine, upstanding citizen you are.
  7. Put away anything else you got out, like metals, gloves, face mask.


Standard electric power plug has been replaced with a NEMA 5-20 type plug, plugs right into the wall socket there but won't plug into a power strip or extension cord.

Some Info

List of Currently Authorized Users

Authorized Member Keon Turner Authorized By Date
Alejandro Drexler Ron Olson
Chris Agocs Ron Olson
Yousef Zaffarkhan Ron Olson
Andy Larkin Ron Olson
Samuel Sion Ron Olson
Lauren Svedman Ron Olson
Aaron Carlock Ron Olson
Greg Kudlacz Ron Olson
Daniel Maziarz Ron Olson
Connor Sullivan Tom Judge
Keith Couture Ron Olson
Jordan Montes Ron Olson
Ken Burkhardt Ron Olson
Sam Olendorf Ron Olson
Eugene Liokumovich Ron Olson
Matt Keith Ron Olson
Juan Ramos Jeremy Bloyd-Peshkin
Ashley Matrisciano Jeremy Bloyd-Peshkin
Burton Kent Jeremy Bloyd-Peshkin
Brian Cuocci Ron Olson
Sam Paris Ron Olson
Clarence Bartenhagen Chris Iacullo
Ed Breuer Chris Iacullo Feb 2017
Matthew Kim Chris Iacullo
Andrew Vaughan Chris Iacullo May 11, 2017
Miriam Stevens Chris Iacullo July 27, 2017