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* [[Horology]]: the art and science of measuring time and time interval
* [[Horology]]: the art and science of measuring time and time interval
* [[Pumping Station:Yum]]: Cooking and Hacking food
* [[Pumping Station:Yum]]: Cooking and Hacking food
* [[ELMER Monthly]]:  Ham Radio Office Hours for licensed Ops and those working toward their licenses.  All are welcome.
==== Space Automation ====
==== Space Automation ====

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Pumping Station: One - Chicago's Hackerspace

Our Address is: 3519 N. Elston Chicago, IL 60618-5617

About PS:One

Who We Are

Who are the members of PS:One? How do they communicate? What do they know about this whole social interwebs thing?

  • Administration: Information about the administration of PS:One, including the Board and historical records
  • Member List: Here PS1 members can see the complete PS1 membership list.

What We Do

PS:One is a Do-ocracy. Here is some of what we do:

Current Projects

Interest Groups

Space Automation

IRC integration:

  • Spacemon - what rooms are busy, and are the lights on?
  • Peoplemon - who is at the space?
  • Schedmon - who will be at the space?
  • Chillmon - what's the temperature in the shop?

Network services:

New Members Start Here!

New Member Orientation


Events / Visiting

Things We Have

How to do things, where to get things, what's in the area, and other general reference stuff you feel like sharing.


  • Facilities: A list of what has been made available, and what should soon be made available to members.
  • Tools and Equipment : All PS:One equipment, tools, certification, safety, and repair information goes here.
  • Sources: Where to get stuff: from Depots to Dumpsters.
  • Building Facilities: How our building works.