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==[http://pumpingstationone.org Pumping Station: One] - Chicago's Hackerspace==
==[http://pumpingstationone.org Pumping Station: One] - Chicago's Hackerspace==
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Pumping Station: One - Chicago's Hackerspace

About PS:One

Who We Are

Who are the members of PS:1? How do they communicate? What do they know about this whole social interwebs thing?

What We Do

PS:1 is a Do-ocracy. Here is some of what we do:

Current Projects

Meeting of Minds

You are encouraged to work and collaborate with members. To aid in this effort document skills, projects, and interests in your Wiki User Profile. To view/edit yours, click your username in the upper right corner. However below we have a few compiled lists for convenience.

  • Skills Exchange:List of members, what skills they can offer, and which they hope to attain.
  • Project Incubator:We come up with a bunch of random ideas. Let's try to write them down so we'll be more likely to remember them.
  • Interestgroups: Interest Groups

New Members Start Here!

Membership Information

How to be a good PS:1 citizen.

  • Member Manual: A condensed list of information all members should be familiar with.
  • Member Rewards: Membership rewards system for teaching classes and help raising funds.

Get Involved


Mailing Lists

  • Public list - For general hacker / maker content
  • Members list - For things specific to Pumping Station: One like projects improving the space itself, policy proposals, etc. Keep PS:1 drama to within the walls of the members list.
  • Announce list - Announcement of meetings, classes, events, possibly votes, and who knows. This list is new as of this writing so i don't know what will be on it, but expect much lower traffic than the other lists. Messages are only sent by the directors.
  • Director's list - Watch the sausage being made! Be privy to every excruciating detail of PS:One business. Members can watch, but please post sparingly.


Social Networks


PS:One Google Calendar

To add something to the calendar, request calendar privileges from any board member.

Recurring Events


Things We Have

How to do things, where to get things, what's in the area, and other general reference stuff you feel like sharing.



  • Facilities: A list of what has been made available, and what should soon be made available to members.
  • Equipment: All PS:One equipment, tools, certification, safety, and repair information goes here.
  • Sources: Where to get stuff. From Depots to Dumpsters.


  • Member Manual:A condensed list of information all members should be familiar with.
  • Dropbox User: info AT pumpingstationone DOT org
  • PS:One Web Server: Details about PS:One's Web Server
  • Media Box: Details about PS:One's Media Server

How To

  • Wiki Account: Get on by writing a quick note to info at pumpingstationone dot org.
  • Wiki Editing: Several pages that explain how to edit Wiki pages.



The Board

All the director's meetings and the director's mailing list are totally open to members. You can join either at any time while you're a member. Feel free.


These are groups that decided to put themselves in charge of something that needed to get done in our group. Check out these pages to see what they're about, or who to contact if you have a question about that area.

Web Presence and Info

How PS:1 publicizes and who has access.

  • Wiki - Members and select non-members can ask our CTO (Rhys) for an account. Current and former board members have admin accounts.
  • PS1 Blog - Members may post to our blog. Ask Rhys for an account.
  • Twitter/Facebook - current and former board members have access. Anyone can (and should!) use the #psone hash tag on Twitter.



  • Votes:A history of our votes.
  • Meetings:Minutes from our meetings.
  • Board Meetings:Minutes from our board meetings.
  • Officers: A list of the current officers.
  • Contact Points:Officers, Committee Leaders, anybody that's useful to know.
  • Bylaws: Scintillating reading for one and all.