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Meeting Minutes
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Meeting started at 8: pm

Role Call

  • Board Introductions Membership total starving full.
  • New People:


  • 2012 Board Eligibility - Last chance for nominations!
  • 300 Seconds after meeting. Candidates get 5 minutes.
  • Nominations are now closed.


  • January 10th is 300 seconds of fame is the election edition.
  • DIY CNC Night Wednesday, January 11th @ 7:00pm
  • Haskell Programming Thursday, January 12th @ 8pm
  • Nintendo 3DS Meetup Saturday, January 14th @1pm
  • Contact microphone building workshop Saturday, January 14th @ 3pm
  • Sunday 15th January Chicago Open Science @ 6pm
  • Lock Picking Wednesday, February 1st 7pm
  • Put your garbage away now and stack your chairs
  • Vote Quimby!

Meeting Adjourned at 8: pm