Meeting Notes 2011-11-08

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Meeting Minutes
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Meeting started at 8:04pm

Role Call

  • Board Introductions
  • New People: Mike an IT guy and dad takes lots of pics and puts them together to get virtual focus, does programming and ham radio
  • Katie does IT for bands, busy making terrarium for plastic dinosaurs
  • Nupie does IT for a law firm just interested in science and computers
  • Kevin does Linux admin has lots of free time to build
  • Youth Barrista does carpentry and metal working
  • John an IT person for arch firm wants to learn more about art and electronic music and info sec.
  • Joe an English teacher wants to do circuit bending and ultrasonic work.
  • Jenny works in management and it learning Ruby
  • Brian interested in ninja robots and blowing shit up
  • Cheryl is an animator wants to make costume and use buzz saw and 3d printer
  • Anthony web developer working on J-query and grease monkey
  • Laurie in web development wants to do woodworking and sewing and forging.
  • Jerry joined last month is an EE and wants to know how to make everything
  • John in grad school works for the city doing their website and wants to get involved in the arts.
  • Janet has been here before is a journalist covers humanitarian work and technology is very interested in the maker movement.
  • Fred works at the scooter shop wants to make an electric Vespa
  • Drone moved to the US a month ago from Portugal back ground is in IT has done RC planes and trains.
  • Beth does sewing and Power Wheels
  • 18 new people is a record



  • Element 14 video status: November is industrial control CNC - Sacha?
  • Inventables Lamp Zach as offered $10 gift card to each member
  • 300 seconds of fame after the meeting
  • Shop electricity is half done. Needs to fix short
  • Membership 99 members!


  • 300 Seconds of Fame Tuesday, November 8th after the meeting
  • DIY CNC Night Wednesday, November 9th @ 7:00pm
  • Haskell Programming Thursday, November 10th @ 8:00pm
  • Potluck November 29th!!!! <------- Don't forget!!!!
  • Circuit Hacking Wednesday, November 30th @7pm
  • Lock Picking Wednesday, December 7th 2nd @ 8:00pm
  • Put your garbage away now and stack your chairs.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:22pm