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Meeting Minutes
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Meeting Begin: XX:XX pm



Introduce the present board and area hosts



  • The following votes are taking place:

Proposal 1: To reimburse Ryan Pierce $439.86 for recent purchases he made in constructing a draft system for the bar in the lounge area.

Proposal 2: (Conditional on Proposal 1 passing) To authorize Ryan Pierce to spend and be reimbursed approximately $176.06 to purchase components needed to expand the draft system from 2 taps to 4 taps, enabling up to 4 different beverages to be served simultaneously.

Ryan will provide receipts for all purchases, and PS:One will own the materials so purchased.


Tours for Visitors

  • <SOMEONE> will give the official tour after the meeting

Space Hacking

Ask not what your hackerspace can do for you, ask what you can do for your hackerspace!


Meeting End: XX:XX pm