Meeting Notes 2012-04-03

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Meeting Minutes
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Meeting Begin: 08:12 pm


  • Mark- Interested in building human powered vehicles. Welding, composites and the like.
  • Alex - is an archetech interested in modeling and 3d printing wants to do a interactive project
  • Ken -


  • Patrick is awesome
  • Knitting, Lockpicking, Dabble class, Movie Night coming up


"The board is empowered to spend whatever money is necessary to execute arduino and soldering workshops at Flourish 2012, not to exceed $2000.":

  • Quorum: 21
  • Quorum Reached: 21
  • Voted Yea: 18
  • Voted Nay: 3
  • Abstained/Voted Present: 1


  • Rhys says SSH is a bad name for a hackerspace.

Meeting End: 8:20 pm