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Meeting Minutes
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Meeting Begin: 08:00 pm




  • Tim announced that the new lease is extremely close to being signed.
    • The present landlord has been given 30 days notice
    • we will need to sign up to help move stuff
  • Tim mentioned that Zach from Inventables made a last minute offer to give us free, or extremely cheap, space at his new building
    • The board discussed the issue on the mailing list and at an emergency meeting on Sunday
    • It was decided that it was too late in the new space negotiation process and that the offer wasn't final enough
    • Zach does not have a building picked out yet and doesn't have the funds raised yet.
    • We will continue to work with Zach on other things in the future.
  • Steve announced that he has received the official Maker Faire license from Make Magazine.
    • They have ~$70,000 in funding at this point
    • They are looking for funding and makers
    • Follow his Twitter account if you're interesting in being involves @MMFEVANSTON
      • he has ~32 followers already
  • Tim introduced the board
  • Tim had the new people introduce themselves
  • Various members made announcements

Meeting End: 08:40 pm