Meeting Notes 2014-07-29

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Meeting Minutes
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  • Intro PS1 and what we're about
  • let new members and visitors intro themselves
  • pick 2 random people to introduce themselves
  • go over things that need doing around the space
  • Awesome callouts


  • Brief overview of what PS1 is (<1min).
  • New members/visitors introduce themselves.
  • Introduce the board and area hosts.


  • Jesse has been teaching electronics for women - she's got a class on Sunday with 3 spots left. 1pm in the electronics lab - find the meetup page to sign up.
  • This Saturday is Chicago South Side Mini Maker Faire at Ford City Mall 11am-5pm. PS1 has a booth. We're doing Noise-o-Trons again! We could use a couple folks to help man the booth.
  • This Friday to cover the cost of Noise-o-Trons Justin is hosting a poker night. $10 entry fee - chips will be exchanged for raffle tickets. Friday 7pm-12am in the electronics lab.
  • Beer church is having a good 'ol fashioned revival. On Sunday there's going to be a tasting of old brews, then there'll be some cleaning so brewing operations can commence. Noon, in the kitchen of PS1 on Sunday.
  • Saturday - Analog game night. 7pm in the lounge.
  • Pot luck today - Bry insists that's not true because it didn't get announced last week.ff



  • Meeting begins at 20:04
  • Bry introduces space.
  • New folks introduce themselves
    • Sonia found our Meetup page. She makes kinetic sculptures with found objects.
    • Trigby heard about us through MAKE. Then he found Twitter. Then he found our building. He isn't sure exactly what he wants to do.
    • Simon found out about us through the CPL maker lab. Open to all kinds of things.
    • Nick read about us online. He makes electronics and programs.ff
    • Dave found out about us searching for woodworking. He likes to make furniture for his house.
    • We have a couple of researchers here from Ohio who want to talk to makers about embedded electronics.
  • Check out our calendar to see upcoming events - there's a lot of them!
  • Two random folks need to introduce themselves
    • Bry is our president. She's a computer programmer making websites for healthcare. Most of her projects are space-hacking, keeping the lights on and the lawyers off our backs. She recently discovered the beaglebone black and is in the middle of making a cape (like, one that you wear). She heard about ps1 from Flourish at UIC.
    • Preston ffound out about PS1 while he was going to DePaul. He's a programmer who makes websites. He quit his job last month, though. He makes websites. He's unused to the presence or others.
  • Things to do around the space:
    • Look at our corkboard in the lounge
  • Awesome callouts
    • Greg D finally solved our safety glasses holding issue. Woo.
    • Our new area hosts have been kicking ass - thanks everyone!
    • Kevin built us some new bookshelves that are much less sad than the old one.
    • Skilton and Dean because they continue to work on collecting dust.
    • Arturo didn't show up to pitchfork, but he told someone (which is unfortunately anomalous!) and we were able to fill the spot so we still got the bonus money. Thanks for being cool, Arturo.
      • Justin filled the spot! With your powers combined, we got $1000!
    • Jerry handled the volunteer organization for pitchfork.
    • Derek talked to a lot of folks at Maker Faire.
    • Michael Skilton and Jason S hung around and got folks who showed up for orientation settled while steve made his way to the space. Thanks guys!
  • Announcements
  • Much debate about the status of our pot luck.
    • It's on the calendar - no one thinks about it.
  • Bandit's looking for someone who had 4 boxes of LEDs from an LED taillight experiment (it was Jeremy, never mind).
  • Jesse won a thing. She's going to talk about it.
    • She's been working on machine-knitting circuit boards. She put it on instructables and submitted it to contests - She won a grand prize!
  • If you're trying to claim or redeem member points - please email info@. We can't assign you points if you don't ask for them, and you can't use them without asking each time.
    • If you run an event or class that qualifies, let us know in a timely fashion
    • You need to let us know EVERY month that you want to use a member point.
  • Steve leaves with a tour.
  • Meeting adjourns at 20:30