Meeting Notes 2015-11-03

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Meeting Minutes
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  • Intro to PS1 and what we're about.
  • Let new members and visitors intro themselves.
  • Pick 2 random people to introduce themselves.
  • Introduce the Board and Area Hosts
  • Go over things that need doing around the space.
  • Awesome call outs
  • Tell me about What You Hack
  • Announcements
  • Questions
  • Votes
  • Tour

For extended discussions, we may take stack and borrow from MIBS Rules#Meeting Procedures.


Intro to PS1



New People

New People (name - where did you hear about us - what do you make/hack) Kevin - homebrewing, arduino, lab tools - meetup Michael - programming, music - walking by Chris - tools, woodshop - Andrew C. Kelly - software, furniture - software development community Mike - software - software Isaac - electronic music, geographic design - meetup Hector - lockpicking - walk by Rick - live streaming - Ray D. Craig - airplanes & electronics - meetup & Ray D. Maria - dinner, website - python Zach - metal works, software - hear about it Sava - art, science, everything - internet, general info

Board and Area Hosts

Justin Jenny Doorman Dave Lyn Sheila Anna Ron Erik Dean

Two Random Members

Simon - camera hacking - Noisebridge Erik - things to make home better (a measuring cup, 3d printed) - internet, google

Things that need doing around the space

Dave - clearly indicate the fire lane in the shop, Ron has a plan It's all over the map. Exit spaces well lit, no specifics for indoor fire lane. 3 foot wide fire lane. Marked fire lane helps people get out in an emergency.

Awesome Callouts

What have you been hacking





Who wants to give a tour?