Meeting Notes 2017-08-22

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Meeting Minutes
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  • Andrew introduces things to the new people.
  • News from Board and Area Hosts
  • General Membership Comments


News from Board and Area Hosts

  • Lynn: Next Tuesday is Fifth Tuesday Potluck
  • In the last 24 hours, all calendar events going forwarded were deleted. Uh oh.
    • Don't know who did it, or how to undo it.
    • People with recurring events should restore their events.
  • Shelly: Is the wiki backed up? Yes
  • Ray: Area hosts please put a Wut zone in your areas

General Membership Comments

  • Ray: Drove to Eclipse, made a DIY camera obscura from garbage
  • Shellie: Made a cool dragon from paper mache and epoxy sculpt. Glow in the dark teeth!