Meeting Notes 2020-01-28

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Meeting Minutes
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  • Tour leaves (new people)
  • Update from the BoD about what's going
  • Update from area hosts about what's going on
  • Other announcements, events, awesome callouts, what have you been hacking, general discussion, etc.
  • Read out of vote results (if applicable)


Board Updates

  • Budget to go up for Vote on Tuesday
  • Open positions Gen Ops & MMT

Area Host Updates

  • Lasers
    • 150w is going through 100w tube in boss.
    • Isn't grounded
    • Looks like we will buy a new tube, then increase power supply later
  • Small Metals
    • Accepting applications through Friday.

Announcements, Events, Discussion

  • Adult coloring in arts tomorrow.

Vote - Special Election for Three Members at Large

  • Time of Vote - January 28th, 8:30
  • Quorum: 56
  • Voted: 114
  • Elected
    • Tatjana Paunesku
    • Ed Bennett
    • Rob German