Member Management System

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Email Templates


There are 3 options for recipients:

  • All Members
  • Full Members
  • Individual
    • The Individual settings will cause the email to show as an option for any individual person in the Member Management module. It will be a dropdown option on the Send Email link.

Email Body

When sending an email, there are available template parameters to customize the outgoing email: {{ }}

The full template syntax is using the django template system, documented here:

Additionally, the recipient object, which is an instance of a Member Management Person is available


Removing Duplicate Members

To access the Django Administration Site to remove duplicate members you must be a member of the Domain Admins group.

  1. First, be sure you set the member account you want to delete to Discontinued as to easily differentiate which account we will want to remove.
  2. Log in (as a Domain Admin), click the drop down menu under your username, and select "Systems > Admin"
    Ps1auth admin menu.png
  3. From the "Site Administration" Page, select "Member_Management > People"
    Ps1auth site administration menu.png
  4. Enter the duplicate member in the search box on the "Select person to change" page. Once you've found the duplicate member, ensure that you have pulled up the correct member, and that they are Discontinued.
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the duplicate person's page, and select "Delete" from the lower left hand corner, and confirm the action.
    Ps1auth delete.png