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* Join a class and learn something new
* Join a class and learn something new
* Build something awesome
* Build something awesome
* [[Wiki Editing| Edit the Wiki]]
* Ask Questions!
* Ask Questions!

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Welcome to the Pumping Station:One! Chicago's Hackerspace. We do a lot of diverse things here, so I'm not sure I can encapsulate any of it briefly, but here goes: We do woodworking, software, metalworking, art, crafts, electronics, chemistry, power wheel racing, TARDIS building, green technology, nanotechnology, tinkering, dismantling of robots, assembling of robots, music, biotechnology, CNC, and the many ways all those subjects (and more) intersect and collaborate. So head on over to the Wiki Page Skills Exchange add your name, what you know, and what you want to know, and before you can lower your shields and surrender your ships we will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will adapt to service us. Resistance is futile... I mean you'll fit in nicely here.

Your Role (as a Member)

Quick List

  • Read the Bylaws
  • Come to open meetings on Tuesdays as often as you can
  • Meet Everyone - Special:ListUsers
  • Join a class and learn something new
  • Build something awesome
  • Edit the Wiki
  • Ask Questions!

Condensed Bylaws for New Members

Board of Directors


Here's how voting works:

  • Full members may propose votes.
  • Only full members in good standing may vote.
  • Common, but not required step: the vote proposal is run past the board of directors for proper wording, etc. - this helps prevent people from disagreeing with your proposal because it's written poorly.
  • The proposing member places the item before the membership (BOTH on mailing list and during a meeting) at least 7 days prior to a meeting.
  • During this period, people may read and discuss the proposal, and offer their own counter-proposals.
  • At the next scheduled meeting, the proposal and any counter proposals are voted on.


  • Directors Meetings

Facility Operations

Liability Release

YOU NEED TO SIGN ONE BEFORE YOU ENTER THE SPACE! They are conveniently located on our front door.

Mailing Address

3354 N. Elston Chicago, IL 60618


Enter the "Big Red (now black) Door" on the south side of the street. If the "Big Red (now black) Door" is locked, please ring the door bell. Once inside walk into the lobby area, turn right and head for the hallway. PS:One is located at the first red door on the right, look for the PS:One sticker!


I can haz cheezbrgr. AND YOU CAN TOO! Most workshops and classes are done on a per-interest basis. Some of them are more regular than others, like Transistor Thursdays and our Unusual Musical Instrument Jam.

Interested in Learning?

Feel free to come by any of the advertised events on the calendar. Some workshops require you to be a member or to pay a parts fee. Read the fine print. If there's some class you'd like taught please ask around the membership to see if there are other interested hackers and if anyone can teach the class or if we need to call in a professional.

Interested in Teaching?

  1. Pick a topic
  2. DO IT!
  3. Guage interest from the membership
  4. Pick a date
  5. Talk to a Board member to get your event advertised and put on the calendar

Power Tools

YOU NEED TO BE CERTIFIED BEFORE YOU CAN USE ANY POWERTOOLS! A list of certified members is listed by each power tool. Any certified member may train you on that specific tool and may then add you to the certified users list.

Facility Resources

Our Online Resources