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The "Member Site" or "members site" is the URL where you can go to establish your PS1 username or to retrieve your PS1 password.

Sometime in 2018, we'll be switching over to a slightly different system at

Until the switchover is complete (TBAN) there will be some things driven by the OLD system (username and password to use computers, and CNC equipment authorization) and some things driven by the new system (credit card and debit card fees/dues payments.)

New Member, Creating a Username

The very first time you go to the Member Site you should click the "activate" link to establish/choose your PS1 username, which must be unique to you; every PS1 member who has a username must choose one that is different from all previous usernames. If you cancel your membership and reactivate it later in life, you should let us know that you're NOT a new member, so you can keep your old username and any authorizations, voting history and other stuff that goes along with a member's account, and so we don't create a duplicate member account for you.

Lost ps1auth Password

If you lost your password to the old system, the one used for controlling computer logins, you can reset it on the Member Site, too

Lost Wild Apricot Password

For password recover on the new Wild Apricot system, go to and remember that Wild Apricot "knows" you by your EMAIL ADDRESS primarily, NOT your username.