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Pumping Station: One Membership Agreement

Amendment: Be Excellent to Each Another The following actions are prohibited by members and guests while at Pumping Station: One facilities or official events: 1. Disregard for personal safety. 2. Reckless endangerment of others. 3. Intentional damage or theft of Pumping Station: One equipment or members' and guests' personal belongings. 4. The use of Pumping Station: One equipment, facilities, or network to perform illegal acts.

In the event of a prohibited act, the member or guest suspected of performing the prohibited act shall be prohibited from Pumping Station: One facilities and events during the time between the incident and the final membership vote. Exceptions shall be made to allow the member or guest to defend him- or herself at the board of directors' and general membership meetings described in the following section.

Following an incident, a special meeting of the board of directors shall be held at earliest convenience to discuss the severity of the incident and the appropriate consequence to recommend to general membership. The recommended consequence shall be put in effect if approved by vote of the general membership at the next regular membership meeting.

Possible punishments for prohibited acts are (but are not limited to): 1. Permanent banishment from all Pumping Station: One facilities and events 2. Temporary banishment from all Pumping Station: One facilities and events 3. Partial banishment (e.g. banishment from all machine shop or computer equipment) 4. Repayment for damages 5. Forfeiture of all paid membership fees (in the case of prepayment of membership fees)

In the case where a paying member is suspended and later found to not be at fault, the Treasurer may grant a pro-rated credit to that members' account. Intentionally false accusations of wrongdoing shall be treated as a form of theft, and is therefore considered a prohibited act under this amendment.

[This Membership Agreement was voted into existance 03-10-2009.]