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== Maintenance ==
[[Bosch_Sliding_Compound_Miter_Saw_maintenance|  miter saw maintenance]]
== Maintenance ==
== Manual ==
[[Bosch_Sliding_Compound_Miter_Saw_maintenance| Bosch miter saw maintenance]]
[[https://www.metabo-hpt.com/docs/default-source/default-document-library/c12rsh2_om.pdf?sfvrsn=82fe2a66_0| Metabo HPT miter saw manual]]
== Outside Resources ==
*[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=slihLQgldEs| 5 Quick Mitre Saw Hacks--WoodWorkWeb]
[[Category:Shop Equipment]]
[[Category:Shop Equipment]]
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== List of Currently Authorized Users (inherited from older saws) ==
== List of Currently Authorized Users (inherited from older saws) ==
NOTE:  authorizations are now (since Feb 5 2020) being tracked in Wild Apricot.  If your Authorizer did not enter you on the "checkin sheets" or directly into Wild Apricot, please email gary  grnewhouse@gmail.com
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{| class="wikitable" border="1"
! Qualified Member  
! Qualified Member  
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|Mike Thompson
|[[User:NewFatMike|Mike Thompson]]
|Michelle DeLeon
|Michelle DeLeon

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Miter saw compound - MetaboHPT
Owner/Loaner PS:One
Serial Number 82577
Make/Model C12RSH2
Arrival Date Dec 2019
Usability Yes
Contact Eric Beauchamp
Where Wood Shop
Authorization Needed yes
Hackable no
Estimated Value $500
Host Area Wood Shop

Miter saw compound - MetaboHPT Area: Wood Shop https://wiki.pumpingstationone.org/Miter_saw_compound_-_MetaboHPT


Until recently, MetaboHPT was known as Hitachi Tools



miter saw maintenance


[Metabo HPT miter saw manual]

Outside Resources

Authorized Proctors

Ron Olson
Eric Beauchamp
Ralph Brendler
Paul VanLake
Michelle DeLeon

List of Currently Authorized Users (inherited from older saws)

NOTE: authorizations are now (since Feb 5 2020) being tracked in Wild Apricot. If your Authorizer did not enter you on the "checkin sheets" or directly into Wild Apricot, please email gary grnewhouse@gmail.com

Qualified Member Trained By Date
Eric Beauchamp Danger committee
Sam Paris Andy Larkin
Andrew Vaughan Andy Larkin April 26, 2017
Paul McClay Ralph Brendler 5/18/17
Jim Handley Ralph Brendler 5/13/17
Zack Sasnow Paul Van Lake 8/3/17
Justin Pestka Ralph Brendler 8/30/17
Sam Dreyer Ralph Brendler 8/30/17
Jacob Snyder Ralph Brendler 9/7/17
James Beck Ralph Brendler 9/13/17
James Marco Ralph Brendler 10/5/17
Mike Thariath Ralph Brendler 10/19/17
Benjamin Nuttin Ralph Brendler 11/02/17
Karl Healy Ralph Brendler 11/2/17
Chinbayar Davaatseren Ralph Brendler 11/2/17
Tee Paul V 11/09/17
Nick Fera Paul V 11/09/17
Jeremie Davis Ralph Brendler 11/16/17
Nathan Witt Ralph Brendler 11/30/2017
Jeff Hassberger Ralph Brendler 11/2/17
Wally Ibrahim Ralph Brendler 11/30/17
Mac MacDevitt Paul V 12/7/17
Ben Starett Ralph Brendler 12/14/17
Ross Hanchett Ralph Brendler 12/14/17
Michael Donovan Ralph Brendler 12/14/17
Alex Tomala Ralph Brendler 12/21/17
Jamin Nollsch Ralph Brendler 12/28/17
Chris Versteeg Ralph Brandler 12/28/17
Ben Farmer Ralph Brendler 1/11/18
Aaron Vander Bee Ralph Brendler 1/11/18
Joseph Crouch Ralph Brendler 1/11/18
Bradford Smith Ralph Brendler 1/11/18
Stephanie Pelzer Ralph Brendler 1/11/18
Amanda Assaley Ralph Brendler 1/11/18
Chris Eppig Ralph Brendler 1/11/18
Patrick Smith Ralph Brendler 1/11/18
Jeff Gershune Paul VanLake 1/16/18
Bryan Pennington Ralph Brendler 1/25/18
Michael Ice Ralph Brendler 2/08/18
Francisco Becerril Ralph Brendler 2/08/18
Brandon Kennedy Ralph Brendler 2/22/18
Charles Barker Ralph Brendler 3/8/18
Dan Mach Ralph Brendler 3/8/18
Bruce Mace Ralph Brendler 3/8/18
Ricardo Staudt Ralph Brendler 3/8/18
Paul Graham Ralph Brendler 3/22/18
Mike Gucciard Ralph Brendler 3/22/18
Wayne Warren Ralph Brendler 3/22/18
Adam Hall Paul V 3/29/18
Bill Schroeder Ralph Brendler 4/5/18
Mike Wilkin Ralph Brendler 4/19/18
Alex Lanigan Ralph Brendler 4/19/18
Jessica Jokhi Ralph Brendler 4/19/18
Matt Maggio Ralph Brendler 4/19/18
Jonathan Frink Ralph Brendler 4/19/18
Gary Newhouse Eric Beauchamp 4/26/18
Dave DesRoberts Paul Van Lake 4/26/18
Jennifer DesRoberts Paul Van Lake 4/26/18
John Burkholder Ralph Brendler 5/03/18
Wayne Hendryx Chris Iacullo 4/19/18
Brendan Fortune Ralph Brendler 5/17/18
Fritz Sullivan Ralph Brendler 5/30/18
Elizabeth Reuter Ralph Brendler 5/30/18
Kirsten Landmark Masih Ralph Brendler 6/07/18
Chris Niziolek Ralph Brendler 6/14/18
Sam Wallinga Ralph Brendler 6/14/18
Bob Fritz Ralph Brendler 6/14/18
Nate Myren Ralph Berndler 6/14/18
Eli Schlossberg Ralph Brendler 6/14/18
Tyler Works Ralph Brendler 6/14/18
Daniel Willmott Paul V 6/21/18
Bruce Levin Paul V 7/05/18
Mike Yacobucci Ralph Brendler 7/12/18
Joe Day Paul V 7/05/18
Kathryn Connolly Paul V 7/19/18
Sam Lewis Paul V 7/19/18
Aaron Hale Ralph Brendler 7/26/18
Adam Wilk Ralph Brendler 7/26/18
Geoff Klein Paul V 9/13/18
Earl Wood Paul V 9/13/18
Jacob Dawson Paul V 9/13/18
Ryan Treacy Paul V 9/20/18
Farsheed Hamidi-Toosi Paul V 9/27/18
Tim Bielawa Paul V 9/27/18
Will Holland Ralph Brendler 10/4/18
Gwenn-Ael Lynn Ralph Brendler 10/4/18
Tatjana Paunesku (tpaune) Ralph Brendler 11/29/18
Deanna Musurlian Ralph Brendler 01/24/19
Pat Hillegass Ralph Brendler 1/24/19
Brian Barnt Ralph Brendler 02/07/19
Matt Dinning Ralph Brendler 02/07/19
Alex Biardo Paul Van Lake 03/01/19
Kevin Schwartzenberg Paul Van Lake 03/01/19
Charlie Kepner Paul Van Lake 03/01/19
Tony Green Ralph Brendler 02/07/19
Sean Blum Ralph Brendler 04/04/19
Maciej Warchalowski Paul V 04/10/19
Zach Graceffa Ralph Brendler 04/18/19
Chris Martin Ralph Brendler 05/02/19
David Pfeffer Paul V 05/24/19
Jack Gibbons Paul V 06/20/19
Tim Whelan Ralph Brendler 06/27/19
Luke Krudwig Ralph Brendler 07/12/19
Paul Ocampo Ralph Brendler 07/11/19
Andrew Soghigian Ralph Brendler 07/11/19
Eric Kostecki Paul V 07/18/19
Michael Baker Paul V 07/18/19
Sarah Lu Ralph Brendler 07/25/19
Joseph Kardia Ralph Brendler 08/01/19
Kevin Huemann Ralph Brendler 08/01/19
Connar Rosebraugh Ralph Brendler 08/01/19
Szymon Mirek David Earl 08/18/19
Hara Kumaran David Earl 08/18/19
Steven Rummelhoff Ralph Brendler 08/22/19
Mike Thompson Michelle DeLeon 08/22/19
Sam Vuchetich Ralph Brendler 09/05/19
Denise Allen Paul V 08/29/19
Miles Hosanna Ralph Brendler 09/19/2019
Malindima Sampa Paul V 10/11/2019
Tony Vetter Michelle DeLeon 10/06/19
Drew Deitch Paul V 10/31/19
Derek Smith Ralph Brendler 11/14/19
Austin Webster Michelle DeLeon 12/10/19
Debbie Walker Michelle DeLeon 12/10/19
David Robbins Paul V 1/16/2020
Tyler Mark Paul V 1/30/2020
Steve Clemons Paul V 1/30/2020
Matt Holmes Paul V 1/30/2020
Scott Yoder Paul V 1/30/2020