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Information about the neighborhood surrounding PS:One.

3519 N. Elston
Chicago, IL 60618-5617
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Restaurant Location Notes
Cafe Tola 3324 N California Ave Former location of Hot Doug's (California & Roscoe), known for their empanadas
Amani Cafe 2949 W Belmont Ave Yet another Kyrgyz restaurant. 0.5 miles, 10 minute walk. No vegetarian options.
Sunshine Restaurant 3523 N Kedzie Ave Across the street from PS1, Closes at 2pm
Chipotle 3227 W Addison St
Subway 3233 W Addison St
Sugar Hills Bakery 3235 West Addison St] cafe with desserts and pastries. In the same shopping area as Chipotle and Subway.
Little Ceaser's 3135 W Addison St "If you want quick and don't care if it's actually food..."
White Castle 3212 W Addison St
New China Buffet 3246 W Addison St
Mirabella Italian Cuisine & Bar 3454 W Addison St Excellent food, but limited hours. Check the website.
Dapper's East 2901 W Addison St (Addison Mall) 7am-8pm
Panda Express 2949 W Addison St (Addison Mall)
#1 Chop Suey, also here 2550 W Addison St (Lane Plaza, next to McDonalds)
Little Bucharest Bistro 3661 N Elston Ave
Honey Butter Fried Chicken 3361 N Elston Ave
B'el 3188 N Elston Ave Formerly the Dragon Lady Lounge
Chief O'Neil's 3471 N Elston Ave Irish Pub
Parachute Restaurant 3500 N Elston Ave Korean, often busy; closed January 1-12 (winter break)
S&S Deli 3290 N Elston Ave
El Potosi 3710 N Elston Ave Mexican
Burrito House 3718 N Elston Ave Used to be right by PS:1 and so convenient. Now they're so very far awaaaaaaaay...
Square Bar & Grill 2849 W Belmont Ave
Kuma's Corner 2900 W Belmont Ave
Mr Pollo 3026 W Belmont Ave
Burger King 2828 W Belmont Ave
Pork Shoppe 2755 W Belmont Ave
Buffet Castle 3326 W Belmont Ave Chinese Buffet
Joong Boo Mart 3333 N Kimball Ave Korean market, lunch counter in back
Traspasada 3144 N California Ave Mexican
Carnicerias Guanajuato 3140 N California Ave Mexican grocery with lunch counter
Bacci Pizza 4367 N Milwaukee Ave 3 miles from PS1 - Prompt Delivery - Home of the 30" Ten Feed
Hero's Submarine Sandwich Shop 3600 N Western Ave Good reputation, dates to the 1940s
90 Miles Cuban Cafe 3101 N Clybourn Ave
Popeyes, Wendys, Starbucks, Potbelly Near Addison & Western
Revolution Brewery 3340 N. Kedzie Ave. Chicago, IL 60618 [1] Open to the public. check the hours. it has beer, not food.
Pats Pizza ChicagoLUG meetings get pizza from this place
  • Everyone has their favorite Thai place.
    • Dharma Garden, Always Thai, Thai Oscar, and Sticky Rice are popular and within driving distance. (Sticky rice is Northern Thai food and has many distinctive dishes.)
    • Grub Hub lists 48 Thai restaurants (53 during lunch hours) that deliver to our location.


  • Jewel
    • corner of Elston and Addison
  • Target
    • corner of Addison and Sacramento
  • Home Despot
    • corner of Addison and Kimball
  • Kmart
    • 3443 W Addison (773) 478-1334